May 21 1953

Thurs. 21st May. 

Dearest Mummy, 

I am so sorry to have been such a long time in writing but – as usual! – we have been having a hectic time! I know you will be anxiously waiting to hear how little Charlie is, & he is safely home again & doing fine. We are taking him to the Dr. this afternoon to get the last 2 stitches out & then, thank goodness, the whole thing will be over.

Before I tell you our doings, thank you so much for two letters of yours – the 7th & the 14th- You asked in one to tell you how long these took, well, both of them arrived on the Tues. following mailing, which is much quicker than usual. I think the other day your plane goes out is a Tues., isn’t it? Then I sometimes get the letters on a Sat. but more often the Mon. or  some day the following week. I was glad to hear St.Vincent won the cricket- it must have been fun.

Well, we took Charlie into the hospital a week ago on Sunday & his operation was on Monday & he seem to do just fine all the time. Every time we went into see him he was lying sleeping, looking so big & bonny & healthy that I’m sure people must have wondered why on earth he was in! All the nurses spoiled him to bits & now he just yells till he gets what he wants!! I thought I would have so much time while he was away & I hired a sewing machine, but actually, we went down to see him 3 evenings out of the 5 he was away & Carman arrived one of the others, so my leisure wasn’t as pronounced as I had hoped! However I have decided to keep it a month & hope to get more done – if nothing else I have mended sheets & other horrid chores!

Yes, Carman arrived on Thurs. evening for dinner & began work on Fri. Mon. (18th) was celebrated as Victoria Day & a holiday, so he had a nice long weekend to get settled. We went to Pete & Lu’s on Fri. evening (+ Carman + Margie & Cy) to a kind of reception they gave for a Prof. & his wife from Sask. so they could see all their old students. On Sat. Charlie came home – he sicked a bottle or 2 & had loose bowels & was a bit fretty but otherwise all right – all over now. Mon. afternoon Cec took sick- gastric ‘flu we gather – that night Linda got it & was sick & diarrhoea next day- Tues. evening I got it! Fortunately it seems to be sudden & swift & we were all over it in 12 hours.! But I think we have had every kind of cold and flu going by now! 

The weather still isn’t too good – nice one day & changed the next, but hope it will get settled. I dug up & planted a flower garden yesterday – the same seeds I sent you! Our lovely park is going – 16 trees are being chopped down this week for the road to be made, then 6 apartment buildings. The trees that had the swing are down among others – it is so sad.

The year before: Cyn with baby Linda -and trees!

Lindy is calling so I must go. Lots of love from us all, XXX Lindy & Charlie.


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