June 1 1953

1st June. 1953.

 Dearest Mummy, 

I am so sorry that I have been such a time in writing- nothing wrong- just busy! At last we have had lovely warm sunny weather the last few days- my family are all well & full of fun & so of course I feel full of fun to & (comparatively!) bounding with energy!!

Lindy & Charlie are both so well now & it is lovely to see them so happy & cheery. Charlie is eating enormously! He is supposed to have 5 bottles a day of 6 ozs each, or 4 of 7 1/2 ozs- instead he has 5 of 8 ozs + cereal + fruit + veg + meat & veg soup! Making up for lost time! He is so big now- over 15 lbs- & blonde, blue-eyed & rosy cheeked – full of smiles & as strong as can be. He is outside in the pram all day now, & is just about wrecking it, he kicks & wriggles so – poor Lea!! As for the little car bed, he hates it & bangs around in it so that we only put him in it late at night till 6 a.m. when he is really sleepy! We have ordered a bed for Lindy from Eaton’s – it has come, but not the mattress yet. It is a child’s bed, suitable up to ‘teen age (5 ft. long, but nice & wide). It has a little rail about 1/3 way down each side, so she can’t roll out & is finished in a neutral colour just like the crib & decorated with teddy bears! I have padded & quilted (on the machine) the patchwork quilt you made & it looks sweet & just fits the crib. Linda’s “doggy” quilt from Til & Lois will fit the bed, so we are all set! Lindy is quite tickled at having a bed, so I don’t think she will mind moving. She is better now than she has been for weeks- eating well & doesn’t get so tired. She has quite pretty pink cheeks & looks lovely – I think!! She plays out at the back quite nicely with a little French boy from next-door – Richard – he speaks no English, so to say they play together is perhaps wrong – they each dig in the dirt & pick up stones happily & say nothing!

I am so excited about tomorrow – I feel we should have a party & drink healths & make a celebration! However, the Hughes have very kindly invited us to see their television so all evening we will be sitting watching the Coronation! The television film is to be flown over in jet planes! I want to go to church in the a.m. but will have to see.

Had a spree in town on Sat. – bought a red & white dress, white hat with red veil & red shoes – whoops. Must stop- Charlie is fed up & must get dinner. Thank you for lovely letters – will write again soon XXX from all & love – Cyn.

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