September 20 1956

Cyn’s New York cousins, known as ‘the Simmons girls’ though their married names were all different and they were a bit older than Cyn, had Auntie Muriel visiting them that summer, when their mother had another stroke and died. A month later, Millie and Mona drove their aunt to Canada to visit relatives- Cyn in Ottawa especially, since she hadn’t seen them since her exchange year in Toledo teaching, and had since acquired a husband and children!

20th Sept 1956

Dearest Mummy,
What do you think I have just been doing? Sewing on Cash’s name tapes! Memories of York College! I ordered them for Linda ages ago but had to go to town & pick them up & what with one or other sick & not having the car, I didn’t get them till today. In the meanwhile I’d had to sew tapes on & write the names on that, so I’ve had a double job!
Well, Auntie Moo & Millie & Monie have been & gone! You will know about their visit I know as A. Moo was writing while they were here, & I told you in my last that I was expecting them. It was funny as A. Moo said in her letter that they would probably arrive on Sat. but she thought that they should phone before they arrived. So on Sat. a.m. we were all up bright & early & I dashed to Steinbergs & shopped & we kept waiting for a phone call. Nothing happened, so I got lunch ready & Cec finished first & suddenly looked out of the window he said “Is this them?”! I could hardly believe they’d got here without instructions but they did & so of course they came in for lunch & we talked & then Cec took them down to a Motel by Steinbergs which was A.A.A. recommended & they got settled there & liked it v. much. A. Moo brought Lindy some sweet jigsaws which she loves & Charlie a little horse & cart & me 2 prs panties & the girls gave me dusting powder. Wasn’t that nice? They came back for dinner & we talked again- & they all seem just the same as when I saw them last! A. Moo is very sweet & the girls are so nice- we all enjoyed having them very much & both Lindy & Charlie took quite a shine to them all although I don’t think they ever sorted out who was which – all M’s! We were sorry they couldn’t stay longer.

This was their next visit that road trip!
Auntie Moo is in the back in black, with her nieces Millie and Mona on either side.

Sunday was the first day of Sunday school so the children & I set out for 10 o’clock & I registered 12 small boys & girls of 2 & 3! And more to come! I have told Capt. Clark I definitely need an assistant! When we got home Cec & I discussed plans & when Mill phoned we suggested going to Rockcliffe Park as the sun was shining & it was quite a nice Fall day. We had hot dogs & ice cream cones from the little stall (the girls would pay) & fed a little tame black squirrel! Then Cec & the children stayed there to play & I took the others to sightsee. We went to the Parliament Buildings & ran into lots of Mounties in scarlet & a RCAF parade with bands & saluting base etc. for Battle of Britain Sunday. Very exciting but we didn’t get into the P. Buildings! It had turned grey & cool so we just drove out to the Champlain Island & round the Driveways & then home for tea. Afterwards Cec took them down to see Ken’s garden & I got dinner ready. Poor old Charlie began to droop but ate some dinner & then retired to bed with a temp. – sure enough, Lindy’s complaint & was in bed Mon. & Tues. & today has developed a cold – she did too a bit over the weekend but is fine & peppy now. I couldn’t leave Charlie so she & Joanne have been walking to & from school by themselves & I have just seen them across the highway & they are very pleased with themselves! Lindy really seems to love school & Cec & I were saying it seems to stimulate her – she is full of fun & high spirits! Poor little Charlie has wanted petting this week with not being well, but I hope he’ll feel a bit better tomorrow – you know him & a runny nose!
I hope by now that you have got lots of my letters & thank you for your A.M. of the 10th. I wrote a long letter to Nan last night & answered all the questions – I am so excited about our sweaters – thank you! Tell Uncle Fred Cec & I would love to see him & that he really should see Canada’s Capital as well as us!! xxx from Lindy & Charlie- Lots of love from us all, Cyn.

August 19 1956

This letter addresses the fact that another one of the 12 Hazell children, of whom Carol was the youngest, has died. Ettie Simmons, the mother of the 3 ‘Simmons girls’, was 78 and lived in New York State, on Long Island, close to two of her daughters and their families, Monie and Margs. The third daughter, Millie and family, lived up state in Highland Mills but they met frequently, especially when another of their aunts- in this case Auntie Muriel- was visiting from the West Indies. References to Aunt Ettie’s health have been made in previous letters, and here we discover she had died after a series of strokes.

Box 330 R.R.1
Ottawa, Ont.

Dearest Mummy,
I had a letter yesterday from Auntie Muriel telling me about Auntie Ettie’s death. She said that she had written to you and cabled and had a reply from Uncle Fred. I was so sad to hear about it and I know how sad you must be, although I feel we all must have realized when she had the first stroke that there wasn’t very much hope of her getting better. She carried on so wonderfully after all her illnesses but she could endure just so much. I know that Auntie Muriel must have been thankful to be here when it happened and that you would be glad that one of you was with her. It will help Monie too, to have Auntie Muriel I think as she won’t be left alone at once and she will make an effort to carry on just as usual. Auntie Muriel says that later on she will talk to Monie about coming up to see us, and I will ask Monie if she won’t come to as we’d love to her to come and it would be a break from their usual routine. It will be a very sad holiday for poor Auntie Muriel but I know that she will be glad to help the girls. I am so sorry for them all because no matter how much they all prepared themselves for this happening it would still be such a shock and they will miss her so much. Auntie Ettie enjoyed things and got such fun out of living that it makes you feel even sadder.

Carol, with Ettie and her granddaughter Mona on an earlier visit.

When I wrote to you last week I think I told you Lindy wasn’t feeling very well. She ended up by sicking up all over the kitchen floor, poor little thing and seemed to have a very nasty bug – much worse than Charlie. I expected her to be feeling pretty spry by the Monday evening as she was, and she was in bed all day, but after eating a little supper she was sick again and then on Tuesday she ate nothing, just drank juice etc. & stayed in bed & the same on Wed. On Wed. evening I went out with Gudrun & Phyl Douglas to see the movie “Wee Geordie” which we quite enjoyed, & when I came home I found poor Lindy had had diarrhoea and poor Cec had had to change sheets, pyjamas etc. which of course upsets his tummy too! Lindy was in bed again on Thurs. but just eating a tiny bit of soup & drinking things & the same Fri. morning – showing no interest in getting up at all, although she hadn’t a temperature during any of it – or very slight if any. However on Friday afternoon she suddenly announced she wanted to get up & get dressed, then she wanted to go out to play & eat the same dinner as us, & all of a sudden was completely recovered! She has been eating hugely ever since & looks fine again! Aren’t children funny?
Another thing I think I told you last week was that Joan Stoicheff had gone into hospital to have a baby – well she had a son of just over 6 lbs, so everyone was very pleased. She began her labour at noon, Boris took her to the hospital at 2 o’clock & the baby was born at 4, so that was pretty good for the first one wasn’t it? We drove around this morning to their house, as we thought Joan might be home & we hadn’t sent any flowers to the hospital so we took some carnations and a wee pair of tartan trousers, but found Boris busy painting & Joan not coming home till tomorrow as she had feeding problems. We just stopped a few minutes & then went on to Rockcliffe Park where the children ran & we had hot dogs & ice cream cones for lunch!
We also have a new member of our family! A tiny, teeny white kitten!! We have been going down to the farm to get eggs lately as Martin has been too busy to deliver them, & one day his little girl asked us if we’d like to come in & see her kittens. The mother cat was black & white & she had three little white kits & one black – still so tiny they hardly had their eyes open. Of course you know Cec & I have always hankered after a white puss like Spivy, so I couldn’t resist asking Mrs. Huisman if she had a little white one to spare. She speaks very Dutch-English so I couldn’t really make out if we could have one or not, but as we went each week it became clear that we could & on Thurs. she said we could take her/him home! We think she’s a she & she is so sweet – pure white with blue eyes & very affectionate & cuddly & cute. Also full of mischief & has been teasing me all the time I’ve been writing this so that I had to put her in the kitchen. The children are tickled to bits with her – I suggested all sorts of names to do with whiteness! Frosty – Snowball, Snowy etc. – then Magnolia with Maggie for a short & we finally have Nicki – short for Nicotina. She is such a pretty little thing & much more affectionate & cuddly than the other little puss we had, so we are all very pleased!
Your card to Lindy came while she was in bed & she was so pleased – also your letter to me – thank you so much. I was sorry to hear Billo didn’t have much of a job yet – Cec was just saying that from what the N.Z. fellows tell him jobs aren’t too plentiful over there – well paid ones that is. The two who have come as Post Doctoral Fellows to the Council want to stay here. However, oil may be different of course & I hope he gets something better soon – they will probably feel better & more settled once they are in a house of their own.
I must stop now as it is late – big hugs from the children & lots of love from us all – Cyn.

Ettie and her girls c.W.W.1

July 31 1952

31 Acacia Ave. 


31st July 1952.

Dearest Mummy,

I have just been writing to Mil & hope the letter reaches her in time before they leave – I had no idea they would be so slow – the letters I mean. Your last nice long one written on Sunday arrived yesterday, so that wasn’t bad, but mine to you don’t seem in any hurry.

Thank you so much for your nice long gossipy letter. Cec & I both enjoyed hearing your doings and are glad that everyone is being so kind and giving you such a riotous time. They all seem to lead such a gay life after our quiet sedate existence that you must feel in a whirl! Milly & Ford certainly have given you a nice time & I am so glad that they are coming up here & that we can do a little bit in return for all the times they have entertained me. I was telling Cec that I am sure Margs & Monie would be wishing they could come along too & meet him as I am sure that in their place I would be envying Mil & wishing I could satisfy my curiosity! The sing-song must have been great fun and I can just see Ford in his element & organizing the whole thing beautifully. I don’t wonder that they don’t serve drinks when they have so many friends. I am most impressed with all the gorgeous meals you are having- you will be putting on weight! You kept talking of my meals & no economizing on food but I think the “Sim” girls beat me hollow. Turkey- scrummy! (Did Alan eat any or is it still hamburgers!!)

I am most amused at your tales of Alan- he sounds a bit too much like Bill to be much fun! Did he say why he had a suspicion he was to get a young brother? I should imagine Margs & Bill would be most surprised!

All your bathing & drives sound lovely, but I was wondering whether the camp was clear of mosquitoes now & if you were being bitten. We are having another plague just now & I sat in the deck chair with Lindy for about 10 minutes on Tues. & got my legs just eaten. One got into Lindy’s bedroom one night too & bit her face 3 times & one poor little hand has about 6 bites & one or 2 on her arm, poor little thing. But of course she doesn’t seem to care! Both Lindy & I had got little bits of snuffly colds this week. Two nights the temp. has dropped very suddenly after hot days & that must have done it, & of course Lindy with no bed clothes on. Last night we gave her an aspirin & I made her a little sleeping bag out of the pink blanket Lea gave her. It has a drawstring around the top & we tie it under her arms & anchor it back and front with a big pin. To our surprise she doesn’t seem to object at all & goes in it without protest & goes to sleep all right, so I am most relieved. She is beginning to get used to having her runny little nose wiped & even tries to blow! Theodore is a great success & she loves him! She knows his name now and when we say “Where’s Theodore?” she looks for him & goes and gets him! She chews him & when we pick him up & give him to her she always giggles & thinks it is a big joke! Of course she is quite the sweetest & the cleverest baby in the world!!!

Cec is being so sweet & taking care of me & seeing I don’t do too much or get lonely. On Monday, after wash day I was tired, so he shoo’ed me out of the kitchen & did all the cleaning & washing up. On Tuesday I ironed in the evening & he came & trimmed & fitted the kitchen linoleum & fixed the hot water tap so it doesn’t squeak! Yesterday evening Lee & Jim asked us over for a game of bridge, so we got Donna & went & had a nice time. They are thinking they might build a house now & had all sorts of plans & things which we looked at. They were going to Toronto this weekend as Jim’s mother is still stuck there.

Today I called Connie & she said that Christopher really seemed better today & had eaten his breakfast. He really seems to have been quite poorly, poor little fellow, & has been eating nothing & only drinking water & juice mostly since Sunday so he has lost weight & looks quite pathetic Connie says. Lindy & I went on a walk to the Library this afternoon, but we didn’t call to see Christopher as we thought he may not be strong enough to cope with young women yet! Yesterday, Cec was talking to Linda & began “Your boyfriend – – –” then he stopped and said “No, I’m not going to call him that. I don’t want you to have anything to do with that boy – he’s not good enough for you!” I laughed & laughed!

I must stop now as it’s nearly bedtime & I am going to have a bath. I feel I haven’t answered all your letter yet, as I meant to say how tickled we were at your huckleberry picking bath & the Vicar & his dog, but I had better leave it till another day.

This will be the last letter I will write to New York & I hope that all goes smoothly on your departure & that Janie will finagle a nice long visit for you with her & that you will have a good time. You must tell her & Bill to have a daughter – they are lovely! One nice thing is that St. V. at least isn’t so far as England & once we get our boarder we will start saving for our Winter Trip to the Sunny South!

Lindy sends a great, great big hug & a lick & lots & lots of love from us all-


A reminder note about Cyn’s cousins: Aunt Ettie’s 3, the ‘Simmons girls’, Milly, Marguerite, and Mona (Mrs.Banner) are all married and live in New York State, and Carol has been visiting them. Margs and Bill have a son Alan who must be about 12. None of them have met Cec, and now Milly and Ford Pembleton (the Pems) seem to be planning an Ontario visit in August. Cyn hasn’t seen any of them since her year in Toledo, 1947/8, but of course they exchange letters.

Carol will fly from New York to Trinidad and stay with her sister Auntie Trix, and the Otways, Janie and Bill her nephew, before going home to St Vincent.  And Cyn and Cec are planning for a visit there in the future- it takes a little longer than they thought since my brother and I can both remember it! 

July 27 1952

31 Acacia Avenue 


27th July, 1952 

Dearest Mummy, 

Thank you so much for your lovely long letter and the wonderful parcel which arrived yesterday. I couldn’t think what toy would make the jangle-jangle noise when I looked on the label & when I opened it & found all the pennies & dimes rolling around I laughed like anything & wondered if the Customs had been puzzled too! The moccasins are beautiful & thank you very, very much for them. They fit nicely except for being a tiny bit narrow, but my old ones soon spread into boats, so it is a good thought! Lindy just loves her Theodore & wishbone chewer. She is such fun with parcels now & takes a great interest in them – she was right in on the opening & wanted to play with the string & then the paper & finally was just enchanted to find her bear inside. She had a wonderful time with my shoes too – she had them on the floor all day & put her crackles in one & then tipped them out & put them in the other & thoroughly enjoyed herself. We have put the money in Lindy’s piggy bank so she says thank you very much dear Grannie, for that as well as Theodore & my wishbone – it was a lovely parcel.

Monday 2 p.m.

I was so sleepy last night that I couldn’t go any further, so here I am once more while Lindy is up in her bed crowing & cooing away. She had a long sleep till after 11 this morning so doesn’t feel very weary now, but she seems quite contented up there. We have just had more people around to see the house – it has been a constant stream this past week as the houses were advertised in the paper last week & there have been 3 or 4 lots of people each day. Fortunately for me, Mrs. Graham gets most of them but I have had plenty. I think it Mrs. G. must enjoy holding forth to them – I notice the people who go around her house take ten times longer than the ones who go round ours!!

I find on re-reading your letter that I have made a mistake in when you were going to Milly’s. I was thinking that you were going for the weekend & going back to L.B. on Wed. so that this letter would arrive at the same time, but now I see that you left on Wed. & will be back today. I hope that you enjoyed your time at the camp & look forward to hearing about it & what Hugh and Monie are like now. We all enjoyed your letter so much & hearing of all your gay doings – after your quiet life here you will feel in an absolute whirl! Marga seems as full of energy & as fond of entertaining as ever – is she looking well & how are Auntie Ettie & Monie? I laughed over Monie’s cat family – she doesn’t still have a dog does she? – and Allen’s puppy must be sweet. I am glad that Alan isn’t as bad as he was painted & that you think he is a nice boy – perhaps it was just a phase he went through!

We still seem to be wildly busy all the time – although not doing much! Monday when I last wrote was a wet cold day & I had the worst time drying diapers- quite a crisis nearly arose! – but Tuesday was as hot as ever. I cleaned the house in the morning & in the afternoon June had invited Lindy & I to tea. In spite of being hot, there was a nice breeze so I thought we would walk instead of getting the car from Cec, but golly! – the last 1/2 mile seemed 100! Lindy was all dressed up in Gunborg’s yellow organdie & looked a picture, but although she enjoyed the ride we both were hot & tired when we got there. June had also invited the girl Joan from the apartment above & her boy Gordon (16 mths) whom she has talked about & poor little Lindy when we went in & I put her down, was so hot & tired that her little lip went down & a little whimper began! When I picked her up she just buried her little head in my shoulder & cried- the first time she ever did that. I noticed that since you have left & I am alone with her all day, she is much more of Mummy’s girl than she ever was before- so isn’t it a good thing you were here to prevent it happening sooner!

June gave us a very nice tea & Linda soon recovered. The boy Gordon was incredible- to begin with he is huge- big & tall & beefy & a head twice as big as Christopher’s, but blonde & better looking! He had begun walking the week before & was trotting round quite well, but the most amazing thing about him was his appetite! The moment food appeared his eyes gleamed, his mouth opened & he just tore towards it – he ate about 4 scones, 3 cream cakes & 2 iced cakes – just wolfed them down one after the other & would have gone on & on! His mother just laughed & Mrs. Broomhead kept giving him more cakes on the sly! He had Lancashire Hot Pot & Cabbage & rice pudding for dinner too! Can you imagine!

Wed. I washed and had a real hot day for it again, but however Thursday was cool & I got my ironing done, so that wasn’t bad. Lindy & I went to Joanisse one day & to Roger’s another & she got more Abdec, a new pair of plastic panties & I got my new Vitamin & calcium tablets. They are huge red things! On Friday I had my appointment with the Dr. at 1:30, so I got Cec to come home for his lunch an hour later than usual. Linda & I had our lunches & I left Cec’s all ready & he just put Lindy to bed & gave her her milk after I had left. The Dr. was very nice as usual, and what do you think? – I didn’t gain anything last month! I was so pleased with myself! He asked me all the usual questions & when I answered them he said “Well my goodness- all the right answers!” & he didn’t even bother to examine me! I have really been feeling fine this past week though- hard work must agree with me!

On Sat. Cec had his sleep in & then we went to the Dominion & Lindy rode in the cart while we shopped. Then we went down town & bought one of the rollers & just a quart of paint to try out. In the afternoon Cec took up the horrid old kitchen linoleum for me & I scrubbed the kitchen floor while he cut the piece the Douglas’es had given us to fit. Then we had quite a struggle getting it down, under the frig. & stove etc. but the change is wonderful! It is a marbly cream coloured linoleum with little black & red squares here & there, & it is so clean & light that the whole kitchen looks a different place. We still have to fit it around the radiator etc. & there is enough left to go in the back entrance & in the breakfast nook so we are thrilled. You would be too! I am now encouraged to wash the kitchen floor!!

We got so late laying the linoleum that we were all behind & we were having a special dinner as it was our anniversary! An anniversary spent laying the linoleum & our anniversary present paint was quite something, but we didn’t mind! We had broiled steaks & tomatoes & chips & peaches & cherries for dessert, so our dinner was nice, & we had enough whiskey left in the bottle for one highball each, but we had to rush as we were going to Connie & Leonard’s for bridge. The babysitter came & we had quite a nice evening – lousy bridge as usual, but Connie & I had a good chat! Christopher woke up & came out to see us – apparently he’s been giving them a lot of trouble at night recently & not eating & generally acting up & on Sunday (yesterday) Connie called to tell me he had a temp of 102° & she had rung up the Dr. He came & it turns out that the poor little fellow has tonsillitis. Earlier in the week Lee called me up & told me Barry had a temp of 102° so I gave her the name & phone of a Dr. & Cec took over our fan as it was very hot in their apartment but next morning Barry was better, so they didn’t have the Dr. They think it must have been too much sun & apparently now he is very careful about going in the sun & doesn’t like it.

Our little Pooh has woken up & is helping or hindering this letter! She is as sweet as ever & says to tell you “Ga-ga-ga”! She says “car” all the time now & points at cars as they go by in the street & points at pictures of them in magazines & says “car”. Cec is very amused, as he says she says “car” with a very English accent! She looks up at airplanes in the sky now & calls them cars too! It has just begun to rain so I have had to dash & take the diapers in – & of course I’m yearning for my cup of tea but I’ll finish this first.

Yesterday Cec got up for Lindy & it was heavenly- the first thing I knew was having my breakfast arrive! I had a lovely lazy time & when I got up Cec began painting our prune room! We got cream coloured paint in the end & he began with the ceiling & did it all once & 1/2 of it a 2nd coat before the paint ran out. Cec says the roller is very good & quick (Lindy has been helping with this page!) but the wretched prune colour is still showing through a bit. Jim & Lee & Barry came to tea in the afternoon & found Cec still painting & me with no “face” on, but they didn’t mind. Both Lee & Connie, by the way, said to thank you for your letters.

I forgot to tell you that one day last week I was getting lunch & Lindy was crawling around playing. I heard coos of joy in the passage as I thought & after a little while went to see what she was playing with & found her 1/4 way up the stairs! She was thrilled with herself & all set to reach the top! I sat beside her & she climbed 3 or 4 more steps & she showed her Daddy when he came home, but we have watched her since & she hasn’t ventured any more.

She is getting quite bored with me writing, so I had better stop & have tea. Seems funny not having you here for tea too. If it stops raining we will take this letter to Mr. Dube & post it. I forgot to tell you I had a letter from Joan Cox last week with a snap of her & Don & Sue at the christening. It is very nice- Joan looks well (but plump – says she’s dieting!) & the baby a pet.

Sue Humphris’ Christening. June 1952.

Lindy sends a big, big hug & cuddle to Grannie & says she doesn’t get half so much attention now you are gone- Mummy doesn’t even put her hair in a curl most days! 

Love to all, most of all to you- Lots & lots of love 

                                                                      Cyn (plus Lindy)

Got A. Moo’s dress for Lindy last week – it is cute – white with tiny red spots & red trimming. Pants to match! 

P.S. Posty just brought your letter. Thank you so much. Will write soon again. I am tickled at the thought of seeing the Pem’s- will write to them.

Hazell/Laborde/Melville Genealogy

Hazell Family Genealogy

(as written by my mother in a scrappy notebook and interpreted by me.  I include (nasty) little details that were part of oral family history that she noted in the list in square brackets.)

Two Hazell brothers came from Liverpool to Saba with their wives.  Went from Saba to Bequia where they settled. 

Hercules Hazell b. 1749 in Saba d. 1833

Elizabeth Simmons 1785-1848 (I’m inclined to think these are the dates of her marriage and death)



Hercules Hazell

m. 1809

Eliza Gregg, his cousin, daughter of Mary Hazell


John Hercules (seven children in total, the rest apparently not relevant)

m. July 25 1840   Married in Bequia.

Jane Anne Arrindel [Her father had slaves and when they did something he didn’t like he stamped on their feet.]

John was drowned in Mustique 1886.


John Gregg Windsor Hazell 1848-1915 (again, one of 7 children)

m. 1872

Marion Laborde


Alfred Gregg Hazell (Uncle Fred) (one of 12 children, dates to follow)

m. 1914

Mildred Ince


4 daughters, Jean, Brenda, Peggy, Patsy- my mother’s cousins.  (Not sure why my mother’s list had Fred, the youngest son, in the line of succession, but he was the one who inherited the business, having stayed in St. Vincent.)

The 12 Hazell children of JGWH and Marion Laborde:

Georgina 1873 (Auntie Gee)

Arthur 1875 (Uncle Artie?)

Blanche 1877 (Auntie Bee)

Ethel 1878 (Aunt Ettie)

Cyprian 1880 Died in infancy?

John Louis 1882 Died as a young man?

Muriel 1884 (Auntie Moo)

Trixie 1886

Willie 1888 Died 1918 in WW1, Loos I think

Doris 1890 Is she the one who died in 3 days of a stye?

Fred 1892 (Uncle Fred)

Carol 1894 My Grandmother

Laborde Family

Jean Dupin Dauphiné Laborde came to St Vincent in 1751.




William Danger Philipe

m. 1770

Marie François Guilleampré La Croix


Maxime (3 children)

m. 1787

Marie Francois La Croix


Horatio William (5 children)


Georgina Melville


Marion Laborde (6 children)

m. 1872

John G.W. Hazell

Note: When Marion married Jack, her sister, Wilhelmina Maria, came with her and lived with the Hazells all her life, never calling her brother-in-law anything but Mr. Hazell.  She was known as Aunt Min.

Melville Family 

John Melville

m. 1715

Margaret Ochterloney?



m. 1747

Anna Duff (1st wife)


Alexander b. 1758 (one of 7 children). Graduated from U. of Edinburgh 1778/80 in Medicine.  Joined British Army and during the Revolution served in America then he 


Lady Elizabeth Spencer in Virginia and came to St. Vincent and settled.


Dr. Alexander Melville (one of 8 children)


Margaret Jane Cox 


Thomas b. 1797 (0ne of 8 children)


Sarah Rebecca Lyte


Georgina 1821-1868 (one of 4 children)


Horatio William Laborde 1821-1891


Marion (one of 6 children)


John Gregg Windsor Hazell


12 children

Now, here are the family tree diagrams Cynthia and her Hutchinson cousins Basil and Ina, maybe Monica too, put together in Ottawa toward the end of the century. Cyn was clear about her own generation, but the third generation is scrappy, and their children mostly missing. As we get into the 1950s, maybe the letters will help fill in the blanks.

Hutchinson Family Tree 1
Hutchinson Family Tree 2
Ettie and daughters
Fred and daughters