Hazell/Laborde/Melville Genealogy

Hazell Family Genealogy

(as written by my mother in a scrappy notebook and interpreted by me.  I include (nasty) little details that were part of oral family history that she noted in the list in square brackets.)

Two Hazell brothers came from Liverpool to Saba with their wives.  Went from Saba to Bequia where they settled. 

Hercules Hazell b. 1749 in Saba d. 1833

Elizabeth Simmons 1785-1848 (I’m inclined to think these are the dates of her marriage and death)



Hercules Hazell

m. 1809

Eliza Gregg, his cousin, daughter of Mary Hazell


John Hercules (seven children in total, the rest apparently not relevant)

m. July 25 1840   Married in Bequia.

Jane Anne Arrindel [Her father had slaves and when they did something he didn’t like he stamped on their feet.]

John was drowned in Mustique 1886.


John Gregg Windsor Hazell 1848-1915 (again, one of 7 children)

m. 1872

Marion Laborde


Alfred Gregg Hazell (Uncle Fred) (one of 12 children, dates to follow)

m. 1914

Mildred Ince


4 daughters, Jean, Brenda, Peggy, Patsy- my mother’s cousins.  (Not sure why my mother’s list had Fred, the youngest son, in the line of succession, but he was the one who inherited the business, having stayed in St. Vincent.)

The 12 Hazell children of JGWH and Marion Laborde:

Georgina 1873 (Auntie Gee)

Arthur 1875 (Uncle Artie?)

Blanche 1877 (Auntie Bee)

Ethel 1878 (Aunt Ettie)

Cyprian 1880 Died in infancy?

John Louis 1882 Died as a young man?

Muriel 1884 (Auntie Moo)

Trixie 1886

Willie 1888 Died 1918 in WW1, Loos I think

Doris 1890 Is she the one who died in 3 days of a stye?

Fred 1892 (Uncle Fred)

Carol 1894 My Grandmother

Laborde Family

Jean Dupin Dauphiné Laborde came to St Vincent in 1751.




William Danger Philipe

m. 1770

Marie François Guilleampré La Croix


Maxime (3 children)

m. 1787

Marie Francois La Croix


Horatio William (5 children)


Georgina Melville


Marion Laborde (6 children)

m. 1872

John G.W. Hazell

Note: When Marion married Jack, her sister, Wilhelmina Maria, came with her and lived with the Hazells all her life, never calling her brother-in-law anything but Mr. Hazell.  She was known as Aunt Min.

Melville Family 

John Melville

m. 1715

Margaret Ochterloney?



m. 1747

Anna Duff (1st wife)


Alexander b. 1758 (one of 7 children). Graduated from U. of Edinburgh 1778/80 in Medicine.  Joined British Army and during the Revolution served in America then he 


Lady Elizabeth Spencer in Virginia and came to St. Vincent and settled.


Dr. Alexander Melville (one of 8 children)


Margaret Jane Cox 


Thomas b. 1797 (0ne of 8 children)


Sarah Rebecca Lyte


Georgina 1821-1868 (one of 4 children)


Horatio William Laborde 1821-1891


Marion (one of 6 children)


John Gregg Windsor Hazell


12 children

Now, here are the family tree diagrams Cynthia and her Hutchinson cousins Basil and Ina, maybe Monica too, put together in Ottawa toward the end of the century. Cyn was clear about her own generation, but the third generation is scrappy, and their children mostly missing. As we get into the 1950s, maybe the letters will help fill in the blanks.

Hutchinson Family Tree 1
Hutchinson Family Tree 2
Ettie and daughters
Fred and daughters

3 thoughts on “Hazell/Laborde/Melville Genealogy”

  1. Hello Linda – I stumbled across this blog when googling “Hazell’s in Bequia” and was amazed by all information. By searching back through my family tree I see we share great-great grandparents. My ancestors on my father’s side were Aikman’s and several of my grandfather’s siblings married Hazell’s. My grandmother was Mildred Arrindell Hazell (1894-abt 1931) – they had one son (my father) and 2 daughters. While I was born in Canada and grew up in Montreal I have lived in Australia since 1977. I am very interested in the lift and times of the early years of the Aikman’s and Hazell’s in the West Indies. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to share additional information. Best regards, Pat Schafer (nee Aikman)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, while searching for information on the Hazell family who lived next door to us in St. Augustine, Trinidad. I also stumbled across Linda’s blog which I found very interesting especially the parts about the Hazells who lived in St. Vincent. Presently I live in Montreal. I was born in Trinidad in 1943 and our family lived next door to the Hazells. My father bought a one-acre piece of land from the Aikmans who lived near by and had an extra piece of land to sell. If my memory is correct, Mrs. Hazell was the Aikman’s daughter. She had three children, Joan, Jack and Colin who my elder siblings were friends with and spent a lot of time in each other’s homes. Joan was the eldest likely born in late 1920s, then Jack around 1928/29 and Colin early 1930s. After 1957 they moved and we seem to have lost track of them. Mrs. Hazell (never knew her first name as us children always called her Mrs. Hazell) had a kindergarten school where my eldest brother and two older sisters (born 1933, 1935 and 1939) had their first schooling experience and where they learned to read and write very well at a young age. I am writing about what it was like growing up in Trinidad and the community we grew up in. Our house was on 1 Carmody Road, St. Augustine and Mrs. Hazell lived next door at first and then a few years later moved in with her parents the Aikmans who lived on St. Augustine Circular Road on the corner of Carmody Road which faced the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture (ICTA)- where all us neighborhood children spent many happy hours playing in their grounds. Would love to get in touch and perhaps fill in a few missing pieces of the puzzle. Thanks so much for writing your very interesting blog.. All best wishes, Ms. Robin McDonald.


  2. Hello Robin – I tried to post a reply which you may or may not have received as I was not logged on to WordPress. So here is my reply again:
    You are correct – your Mrs Hazell’s maiden name was Mabel Ruth Aikman (1893-1975). She married John Hurcules Hazell (1895-1937) and they had 3 children as you indicated. My grandfather (Donald Stuart Aikman (1887-1953) was Mabel’s brother (she in fact had 5 siblings). Mabel’s parents were John Horace Aikman and Caroline Emily Lascelles.
    My father was born in Trinidad but grew up in St Vincent – he went to boarding school in the UK then moved to Montreal when WWII broke out. After the war he settled in Montreal.
    I have a family tree on Ancestry which I can “invite” you to view – there’s lots of detail and history on the Aikman’s and Hazell’s – both families have a very colourful past.
    You can contact me on pat.schafer@mac.com if you which to share more information etc.
    Best regards, (Mrs) Pat Schafer (nee Aikman)


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