May 12 1953

12th May 1953

Dearest Mummy,

Thank you so much for your last letter. It was telling me about the cricket, which must have been fun to watch and also of how busy you were over the Coronation Fete. I didn’t gather when the latter was to be – is it over yet or is it to be nearer the actual Coronation? I didn’t write last week- my tremendous 60¢ effort exhausted me perhaps! No – actually our summer came all of a sudden & we have been having simply heavenly weather – so hot too, when it comes so quickly – 88° on Sunday, but it is cooler now, thank goodness. All the leaves came out in about 3 days you know & I have been busy washing blankets. Lindy has discovered the joys of the sand pile (very dirty!) but still wants me with her all the time, so we have been trying to go out as much as possible.

Charlie went into hospital on Sunday afternoon & had his operation at 11 a.m. yesterday. We finally had to call the hospital as no one called us, & they said he was doing all right – so maddening that they are just too, too casual about the whole thing. Cec & I went up to see him last night & I felt much happier after that. He was asleep & looked so rosy & chubby, with all the covers kicked off as usual- I had expected him to look pale & pinched but no- he looked as sweet & healthy as could be. He had had both dextri- maltose & formula so mustn’t have been sick with the anaesthetic it seems. I am going to call the surgeon this afternoon & hear what he says, but from what the hospital says, he is doing well. By the time you get this he will be safely home & all better again. Dr. W.’s office called me last Tues. & told me went to take him in but on Wed. he got a little cold & I was worried but it was gone by Sunday. Somehow I got more agitated over this op. than the last one, although I know it is not nearly so serious, but I think I was stunned last time! However, I am glad it is over now.

Both Lindy & I have renewed our colds & are snuffling again – isn’t it the devil! I have rented a machine for this week while Charlie is away, so I am going now to turn middle to sides of old sheets! This morning I cleaned out your old room & polished the floor for Carman- we expect him about Thursday.

Before I finish, I sent off your earphone batteries last week – hope they are not too long on the way. I am mailing a sea letter with flower seeds & have the “snap-clips” for Charlie’s overalls to send too. Couldn’t get a catnip mouse at Woollie’s – will try somewhere else! Linda tells everyone “Grannie has a little kitten”!! She also says “See Grannie” when I tell her of you.                      

Lots of love from us all.  Cyn.

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