September 26 1952

26th Sept. 1952.

Dearest Mummy,

I have been meaning to write all week, but of course have been busy & the time has gone by. Cec is back to winter hours again, so isn’t often home much before 6, which means that I don’t get much done in the way of dinner preparation as Bubsie protests if left to her own devices at that time! So by the time she is in bed & dinner made & washing up done the evenings seem much shorter than they used to do! Autumn is really here now & this week has been no longer summer – quite a few mornings it has been raining or misty & quite dark & although it has usually become bright & sunny during the day, there is a chill in the air. We have had fires some evenings & have had the furnace on for 2 days, but the darn thing went out! Lindy is wearing Bren’s blue woolly suit out in her pram in the mornings now & the other day Grant (Crabtree) asked “Why is she still wearing her pajamas?”!! On Sunday when I was having my morning in bed, she had a bad fright & tipped the pram over. You know how she would bounce in it – well she is getting so big now that I had wondered if she was safe, but until Sunday it had never upset. Fortunately, then, it tipped down to the handle & her harness held her, but her hands were on the floor & she had bumped her lip on the edge of the pram, so when Cec got her up, she had wiped her dirty little hands all over her face & her lip was bleeding & we thought she was really hurt. But she stopped crying at once & when I washed her face we found that her little nose was bumped & her lower lip split, but she was so good & brave & didn’t make any fuss. Now, of course, I am scared she will do it again as it doesn’t seem to have taught her a lesson & she bounces just the same, so each time I hear her I go dashing out to sit her down again! Phyl Douglas has lent us a little “stroller” which Lindy loves, but so far we haven’t had her out in it much- just pushed her around the house – she likes to push it too, & walks along quite nicely. She likes to go for a little walks around the house holding onto a hand, & is quite venturesome at standing alone, but apart from a staggering run of 2 or 3 steps from Cec to me etc. hasn’t walked alone.

Last week I had the shoe man come to the house (the store Connie got to come for Christopher) & fit her with shoes. It was very convenient not having to take her to town & they don’t charge extra. We got her a little pair of red boots called “Jumping Jacks”– they come just to the ankle & lace up & although they look huge for her, they must be comfy as she doesn’t mind wearing them at all. She loves your little slippers now & knows the difference between them & her shoes. They fit her nicely – & go on easily now- at first she used to scrunch up her feet. On Sat. we also went to the Beamish Store- (I was quite excited – my 1st visit to a shop for so long!) & got her a little red wool cardigan (the same shape as Millie’s pink one) with white squirrels around & what with that & her red shoes & a red bow in her hair she looks very chic!! I laughed over your last letter asking if Lindy has her 8 front teeth yet & expecting her to have changed so much & yet dreaming that I could still get into your orange dress! I am the one who has changed much more than Lindy- the back of a bus that’s me! I go to the Dr. on Monday again – I will be going to the Civic Hospital & he arranged all that. Phyl Douglas is due any day now. I planned to take Linda to Dr. W. this month but he is on holiday so will wait till next month- I give her an egg for breakfast now! I haven’t been to the dentist yet- next month!

I was so sorry about A. Trix’s restrictions & therefore yours – I am continuing to mail to San F. until I hear otherwise. I hope that she is better soon & that you get your trip to Jane & Bill’s new house. Hope the news of Marion is good. Milly & Ford sent us $10 for a clock for the sitting room – wasn’t that nice of them? Will write soon again, but have done nothing this week except clean windows & wash the kitchen floor!! Thrilling! 

Linda sends a kiss & lots of love from us all – Cyn.

Re-directed: Cyn got it wrong!

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