October 3 1952

3rd Oct. 1952

Dearest Mummy,

Thank you so much for 2 letters- postmarked 24th & 30th- the latter just came today. I’m afraid my last letter must’ve missed you at A. Trixie’s – I was all confused with the days & dates & thought it might catch you, but I was wrong. By the time you get this you’ll be all settled at Noyack again & I am sure that it will feel good to get unpacked and out of suitcases again. I hope that all the new dresses are a success & A. Moo likes them- I am sure that she will be so glad to have you back. Cec & I were most intrigued to know all the details on Jack & Jean from your letter & glad that the mystery is cleared up! I am very happy that they will be getting married at Christmas & hope all will go well. Cec nearly died laughing at your remarks re. Owen being paralyzed “somewhere else”&  we hope that Jacko will eventually prove that he’s not and produce a couple of grand-daughters for A. Trix! I was glad to hear that Marion is recovering, despite the terrible time she has had- how thankful they must be to the Polish Dr. after the callousness & carelessness of the other.

Before I go on to our doings, I have a confession to make- your box of clothes hasn’t gone yet, & that isn’t all – I have also lost or thrown away the list of things you wanted me to get & include in the parcel, so will you send me another list quickly & I will get the things & send it as soon as I can. Now that Lindy is all over & into things my corner of recipe books & writing things in the nook is great fun for her & I’m always finding them strewn around, so my letters get somewhat mixed up!

I don’t think I had room to tell you in my last letter that Pete & Lu Forsyth & little Leslie had arrived in Ottawa. They were staying in a hotel until their apt. was ready on Oct. 1 & Lou was thoroughly enjoying the rest. The polio had been very bad in Saskatoon, so Lu decided to keep Leslie away from children for a week to make sure she wasn’t carrying infection, so Cec & I went down on the Wed. evening & had a drink with them in the hotel. Then last Sunday, when the week was up, they came to tea & brought Leslie. I had invited Jim & Lee & Barry as they are going to be close neighbours in the same apts. but Jim was ill (tummy flu) & they couldn’t come. However Pete & Lu asked if they could bring an old Sask. friend & her son-in-law who was staying in the hotel so we had quite a lot anyway. Leslie was very shy & didn’t play with Linda much but as usual Lindy was full of fun & mischief!

On the Sat. morning I went to town (1st shopping trip since you left!) & bought a lamp & rug for the bed-sit. room & some material. The lamp is cream, the rug a delphinium blue twisted loop (cotton) & the material is a sort of Indian pattern – a tan background with blue on it. Bill’s blanket doesn’t cover the whole bed to the floor, so I have made a pleated frill to cover the box spring part in the coloured material, then put the navy cover over the mattress. I have made a cover for the pillow of the material too, & it looks very nice I think.

 Cec has fixed the desk beautifully & has the ch. of. dr. all sanded down to bare wood & the old nursery chair all taken apart & partly scraped. We have put one one of our ch. of. drs. in, in the meanwhile & the room looks really lovely – fresh & bright & cozy. An English fellow from Oxford at the Lab. for a year came to see it tonight & is coming in sometime- has to give notice at his present digs. He seems quite nice & harmless – just wants breakfasts.

I went to the Dr. on Monday & everything is fine – must watch my weight though – woe is me! Phyl Douglas had a boy (8 1/2 lbs) on 1st Oct. so maybe we will follow suit!! Lindy is sweet & good as ever – the hour (summertime) came on last Sun. so she is waking earlier this week, but is good & plays till I get up. Will tell you more of her in my next. She is wearing Winnie & Denis’ white boots now!! They fit nicely, & looked so huge before! 

                          xxx from Lindy & lots of love from us all- Cyn

As I said in my very first post, it was wondering about the polio scares of the 1950s that started me reading my mother’s letters to my grandmother. This letter contains the first mention of polio that I’ve come across, and it is posted while we are quarantining in the year 2020, hoping for a vaccine…

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