September 15 1952

Monday 15th Sept.

XXX from Lindy to Granny

Dearest Mummy,

It is a pouring wet Monday – so dark & gloomy, but I don’t really mind except that later on Lindy & I have to venture out to Joanisse.

Thank you so much for your last letter written a week ago. I was very sorry to hear about A. Trix’s accident & hope that she is feeling all right now, despite the strapping – although from what you say, nothing subdues her or keeps her down for long! It was a shame that it should upset all your plans so, but with Ina having to nurse Marion just then it all fitted in quite well actually, & I am sure that Janie & Bill would be most grateful to you & thankful to get away. I expect little David would be lonesome for his brother at first, but I expect you would have fun together.

Before I forget, Lindy did two things last week! First of all, on Thurs. out on the rug on the grass she very carefully set her little feet wide apart & gradually stood up by herself! Looked round beaming proudly & then gently sat down again! She has done it quite often since – mostly on the rug outside, but once or twice inside – she never waits till she falls down but very carefully sits down after a minute or two! The other thing is that she is now eating Junior Foods– not just Baby Foods! I got one or two Junior tins & thought I would try her, but when I opened the chicken soup & found it all full of lumps of veg. etc. I never thought she would eat it. However, she loved it & ate it all up without a gag or a gurgle! On Sat. I was upstairs & she was with Cec in the sitting room – then I heard her pat-pat along to the kitchen, then quietness for a while, then a little cough, so I called to Cec to investigate. Here she was right out by the back door with a basket of peaches – big bites out of 3 of them & starting on the fourth!

Last week was just about filled with Al’s wedding – all over now & the deed done! Last Mon. evening we went out to Betty’s- met her Father & Mother, (both from England originally) the bridesmaid, best man & 2 other ushers. We had a glass of sherry when we arrived, then played bridge (Cec & I with the 2 fellows- it was fun.) We had Donna to sit with Linda, but as school has begun I told her we’d be back at 11, so that she wouldn’t be late home. I told Betty when we arrived, & all evening I sat waiting for my cup of tea & sandwich, but she must have decided that early leavers went hungrey, because we left at 10:40 with my tongue hanging out!! Cec laughed & laughed at me, but I was sad!

Cec & Cy walked to work most of last week & I packed lunches for Cec to take. It made the day seem very long, but while the weather is still good they might as well do it. Lee & Barry came over & spent Friday with us. Lee had asked if she could bring her washing if they still had no hot water, but when I heard nothing all week I thought it must be O.K. but they rang up Fri. a.m. & then came. It was nice to have them & Lee & I had a good chat. In the evening Cec had to dash out after supper to a rehearsal at the Church & I got our clothes ready. Cec wore his navy suit, & I wore the navy & white dress, navy jacket, pale blue hat & gloves. It turned out to be a scorching hot day on Sat. Cec cleaned the car & got a haircut & we set out to Jim and Lee’s – it is such a long way – about 10 miles from here. The traffic at midday was so bad that I finally dropped Cec at the Church in case he couldn’t make the return journey in time & I drove on with Lindy. Everything was fine until I put her in her carriage to sleep – she wouldn’t take her milk & just yelled, so of course I stayed to comfort her & finally arrived at the church as everyone was coming out! I was so disappointed & so hot & bothered, but however, we went to the reception (at Betty’s home) & had a nice time.

Cec doing his duty as usher with confetti!

It was so hot all the time tho’, & we had coffee & sherry to drink- 2 warming things! The bride looked very sweet & all went well. Everyone kept dashing to get chairs etc. for me – I felt very preggy!! Linda was fairly happy with Lee, but when we got home we were all exhausted! I slept till 12 yesterday & we had a lovely day of rest! 

Love to all from Cyn.

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