February 21 1951

21st Feb. 1951.

Dearest Little Gran’ma,

I was going to write you a great long screed, but instead I fell asleep after dinner & although Cec waked me as I’d requested, it took me about an hour to come to! Now I have finally washed the dishes but it is 9:30 & near my bedtime again! This sleep business is really amazing – I just zonk! out, & get nothing done at all, but everyone says that it passes after a while, so let’s hope it won’t be long!

I have three letters to thank you for & did we enjoy them!! The first I got last Thurs. noon when we came home for lunch & when I saw it I tore upstairs & ripped it open full of excitement, only to find that you hadn’t got ours yet! Actually, I hadn’t got one from you the previous week & this was it, delayed somehow. However, it was fun to get & we enjoyed reading it. Then the next day, Friday, we rushed home again- & there was another letter & this was it! We dashed upstairs & I read it aloud to Cec while he got lunch ready & we laughed so much & got such a thrill because you were so excited! We are so delighted that you are coming to be in the fray, & Cec has decided that if it is triplets you can have one – nobody else, just you!! We don’t know why you are against the twin idea – we think it is lovely & anyway we think that it would probably be much easier for me to have 2 little weasley, measly twins, than 1 big bouncing effort!! Shirley at work keeps asking me how Squidget & Midget are?!!

Today at noon I got your next nice letter & it was lovely. Thank you very, very much for writing a lot – we like it- the more the merrier! I am absolutely overwhelmed with all the offers of knitting and baby things – it is gorgeous & I think everyone is very sweet to be so thrilled & energetic. I will find out more about the layette etc. & write full details as soon as poss.- thought I’d buy a nightie pattern & send you! As you will gather, I told at work & also Dr. and Mrs. S. & have written to Cec’s family. At the weekend I was going to write to everyone in N/C, but ended by not doing so well. On Fri. evening we went to an Ice Hockey game with the Dockerills, – the Univ. here v. Toronto Univ. & Michigan won. We then went to the Dockerills & had tea etc. so were late home & so slept late Sat! I cleaned & we went shopping & then at 7 p.m. met Dawn Hendrix (a friend from work – her husband was away for the weekend) & we went to the pictures to see “Whisky Galore”. It was called “Tight Little Island” here, but as we missed it in England we were longing to see it & it was gorgeous- funny, so that we laughed & laughed! Afterwards Dawn came back & we had snacks etc. & she stayed till 2 A.M.- I was dying of sleep! Sunday I did write various letters – poor Mr. Cooper for one- he wrote me just before Christmas (sea mail) and told me Katie was very ill, & said he hadn’t your address, but then you told me you’d heard of Katie’s death & had written. I also wrote Denis, Dorothy & Winnie, but I’m holding it till I get Nan, Dottie, Irene & Amy’s done! I intended to continue the good work Mon. evening but slept till 10!! Last night we went to a v. good movie “Born Yesterday” which was most amusing-  A.Ettie will have heard of the play in N.Y.  What do you think – I had a note & cheque for $5 from Mill- wasn’t that sweet of her? Wedding present she said- must write to her tonight. Will write a real do at the weekend! My love & thanks to Aunties & cousins. Cec is back at the Lab. but would send love to Grannie – 

                       With lots & lots from your little 

                                     Mummy+ [Cec’s handwriting:] the old man.

P.S. What do you mean “there are no twins in the Hazell family”?

Love the tone of indignation in the Postscript! However, she was quite right, until (spoiler alert) one of the New York cousins had grandchildren.

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