February 4 1951

Sunday 4th Feb.

Dearest Grandmama-to-be,

Or would you prefer to be called Granny or Grandmother or Nana? Take your choice – we don’t mind! But we thought we better break the news to you gently that you were to be a grandmama in August- about the 20th to be exact! [Cec’s handwriting:] Twins- no less- at least that’s the Doc’s preliminary diagnosis! Cock-a-doodle-doo!! [Cyn’s handwriting:] What do you think of that? Aren’t we clever! We have been giggling around ever since the Dr. mentioned the word “twins” & we’re so tickled with ourselves we could bust! Actually he also said that it was too early to be really sure, and he couldn’t promise them to us, but we’ll be quite disappointed if we get a single instead of a double now! [Cec’s handwriting:] I am very intrigued with the idea of getting anything for half price in this day & age. 

We are so pleased we don’t know what to do. And you should see Cyn. Her back porch has completely disappeared, and and since she hasn’t lost weight, it’s been distributed to other places. What a figure! Real whistle-bait. [Cyn’s handwriting:] Just wait till I developed a front porch instead! At the moment I am all bosomy me which astounds me!

This is all been a bit incoherent, so I’ll begin & tell you all about it. We have been panting to tell you and have had the worst time not popping out with the secret, but we wanted to wait till I’d been to the Dr. to make absolutely sure. Even now I have quite a lot of difficulty really realizing it’s true but the Dr. says I’ll get more & more convinced as time goes on!

We began to suspect about a week before Christmas & while the Boveys were here & Connie was drooping around & talking about being preggy I wasn’t feeling any too bright myself! I’ve not had any morning sickness at all – in fact all along I’ve felt fine in the morning, but wilted a bit in the afternoon & evening! I’ve only been sick 2 or 3 times, although my tummy hasn’t felt very happy sometimes, but on the whole I have been fine. All last month I felt very tired – particularly the first two weeks- remember my telling you of feeling tired! (did you suspect?!) – anyway I spent most of the evenings sleeping & retired to bed at 10 o’clock to sleep some more! I’m better now & have more energy, but still go to bed early.

There is a huge University Hospital here & it has a new Maternity Hospital, so I rang up the Clinic there & made an appointment. Along I trotted feeling quite scared, but the nurses & Drs were very nice & apart from being examined inside & out there was nothing alarming! Of course we will be in Ottawa when the twins (!) appear, but the Dr. said they would take care of me as long as I was here, & then send their report to the Hospital in Ottawa when we leave. I am so pleased that they will be little Canadian buns & not American buns!

I had two Doctors make the examination- one was an intern I think, & they certainly gave me the once over! However, they said that I was in good physical condition & that everything seemed fine – the only thing was that something or other seemed bigger than was usual which was a sign of twins!! They gave me prescriptions for Vitamin tablets & iron pills (which everyone gets) & a little book with diet etc. – I’m to eat lots of proteins & 1 qt. of milk a day. Milk is one of the few things I turned up my nose since Christmas, but the Dr. said to try to drink a little each day & the taste will come back, so I began drink chocolate milk & am up to 1 pt. a day now. He says that my weight is fine, so I am pleased- still 116- haven’t put on any more yet, but have a slight bulge fore! All my clothes are fine – isn’t it a good job I lost some weight first, or I’d be busting out all over!

Milly, at work, is “expecting” as I told you & I am having the worst time, not bursting forth with my news when she talks baby! We’ll wait till you have the news & will then shout it from the housetops- figuratively speaking! I have bought wool & baby books, but so far have only knit a pair of baby bootees for Millie! I’m relying on you for nighties & on Mrs. Johnny for The Shawl! I was shattered at the price of baby wool over here – the equivalent of £1 for 3 balls of baby wool & a knitting pattern! Expensive little brats!

You asked about our plans for this year – well, Cec’s thesis is due in Cambridge in June – we don’t know the exact date yet. Then we’ll have to wait here till he has his Oral Exam.– probably with Dr. S & one of the Mish. Profs. as examiners. Then we head for Ottawa – probably early July, & find ourselves an abode.

[Cec’s handwriting:] We expect to be settled somehow by late July. The important thing is, we think Grandma ought to come & look after the parents in August – especially if it’s twins! We don’t know what sort of a place we’ll be living in, but we thought it would be best to start making plans & we can settle details in the next six months.

[Cyn’s handwriting:] How’s about coming to see your Cyn looking like the back end of a bus & catching a first glimpse of your 2 screaming little grandchildren?! (One of each, Cec says- one with & one without!) We do hope you’ll be able to plan to come to us – we promise we’ll keep you busy, from morning till night as we will be busy househunting & furnishing too probably! Such excitement!

We must stop now or will bubble on for pages! Write soon & tell us if your chicken wishbone wish is on its way to coming true! Thank you heaps for 2 lovely letters yesterday, written on 21st and 28th- I sat with my feet up all afternoon & read them. We are so delighted that you are having such a lovely, lovely time.

Will answer your letters & write again soon.

                  Lots & lots of love 


                                the Proud Parents!

                                     Cyn & Cec.

P.S. Will write to Les Girls in England sometime this month- better not mention it in letters till I tell you I’ve written.

Definitely Air Mail material- first news of me!

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