From Poland

During the war, Cyn, her family, and friends in Newcastle had come to know some of the Polish officers who were part of the Polish Armed Forces in the West.  Her friend Anne had met and married Tadek Winnick, who had become a British citizen, and they were now living in Cambridge with their baby daughter Janita. But her friend Ludwik had a mother in Warsaw, to whom Cyn had sent parcels, so he had returned there, presumably after the forces were disbanded in 1947, and in 1950 Cyn had sent a Christmas card to his mother’s address, explaining her marriage and move to the States. This letter is his reply, alluding to their mutual interest in philately- see the envelope!- and giving interesting details of his life. The shadow of the Cold War hangs over this letter.  I hope she answered and sent him his requests.

I have transcribed this as faithfully as I could, but some words gave me trouble, although the general sense is clear.

Warsaw, Poland.

 1. J. 1951.

Dear Cynthia, 

After the long interval, who was about one year, I have got desired letter and erlier two “Lifes”. Thans ever so much. I thought that you being somewher in a big World completely forgot after me.

I am enjoying to know that you have a happy married life and to know that your Mother lives quietly in her native country. Please write to her, that in Poland is very cold winter, snow, wind and that I envy her tropical sun, warm, tell her that we in Poland see the coloured people only in the pictures except Paul Robeson, an american singer who was twice in Warsaw.

Dearest Cynthia, the cardinal differance in the mood of life, there where you are and here is, that you can organize your life as you like and wish but our life is bound with realization a great idea which is called socialism. In our country are performing the big transformations in all kind of life, social, political, cultural and economical. It is very difficult to be out of those changes. One must deal with them.

As you know I am living in Warsaw with my mother who keeps our small house. I have a dog name “Azor” he is very funny dog and attached to our home. I get up very erly in the morning at 5:30 and go by bus to my office. The communications in Warsaw are difficult problem. It takes me one and half hour to get office. Work begin at 7:30 up to 18:00. We have many conferences, meetings and akademies[?]. I am welfare officer in a big cooperative which has establishments in many cities in Poland. I like my new job, because social welfare helps many people especially women children. When I am at home I read very much. Histori of political system, teorie [theory?] of Marxism, art, philosophy. My hobbies is collecting the new one Polish stamps. I have many of them and I would like to send you some of them.

I am not get married yet because the times are unquiet but I appreciate the married life and I am longing for. I fear the war because I have to go away.

My thoughts are travelling to those times when I was abroad and I am longing for friends.

Dear Cynthia, the post is going well, always put adress in the same way as last (my mother). I have got all the magazines which you sent to me. Do not fear, please send them as much as you can. “Lifes” are very interesting lecture[?]. Excuse me my asking but if you can send me some coffe. Unfortunately there without coffe for a while. My mother remembers that you were so kind and during the war sent her some tins. She keeps them as a souvenir, but they are empty. Please write to me as often as you can. Maybe soon we could see once again. I think that independent of which side we are, we always could be good friends. You know, the world is divided, but not really. Please write me, your husband knows foreign languages. In the New Year the best wishes and I wish be peace. I send you and your husband my best regards. 

                    Your friend 


P. S.

Excuse my English, it is very bad, because for a long time I did not speak at all and not read. Please, let me know, if you read the nice book Somerset “On the Edge of a Razor”. I am enchanted of this book. What you thinks, Larry was a communist or not, because as you know, he left all his things and went to America to be a chauffer. I read this book in Polish but I would like to have original copy to compare.

I send you some Polish stamps for your friends, if you want more I will send more, because I have many of them.

Once again I send for you and your husband the best regards and please write to me as soon as possible. 

                       Your friend Ludwic—— 

This letter is giving two weeks.

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