July 22 1950

Best Wishes from both sides of the family- cable from St. Vincent, card from Saskatoon!

Got a nice letter & card from A. Moo Saturday. 22nd July. 

Dearest Mummy,

We have had so many lovely letters from you this week – and here I haven’t written all week, but we have been having quite a time, as I will tell you. Your letters are so nice & today I got your two latest (continued) from Bequia with the sweet little anniversary card and your good wishes for our 1st anniversary on Wed.  Thank you very, very much honey – we love them all. We got your other letter from Bequia earlier this week & one you’d written before you left & one by sea, which was lovely as we had been without news for longer than usual. We are so happy to know that you are having such a heavenly holiday & although we wish we could be with you too, reading your letters is nearly as good, and it sounds just lovely. I do hope Brenda’s snaps come out well, as I would love to see you being uncivilized in bare feet! Cec & I enjoyed reading about your doings so much, & laugh over your jokes like sitting down in the mud & having a “numb – – – behind!” As soon as I finish this I am going to start right in & answer all your letters in one huge go – I have been promising myself to do it for weeks & ages but I truly have so little time now – that is my only grumble, as I really like my job, & enjoy it – I am also sending the adhesive plaster for your pore feet, & the rubber bands & will tell you about the other things in the Big Letter! The reason I am writing this is that I can see it will be so long I’ll be writing it for days! 

And I want to get this off to explain the delay & the slight upset we have had, which is that my poor little husband hasn’t been well. Last week he got the same eye infection he got about this time last year in Cambridge, which made him feel pretty miserable, then this week he got a terrible sore shoulder & arm which got so bad on Wed. night that he couldn’t sleep & was in pain all night. So Dr. S. took him to the Hospital on Thurs. morning & the Dr. says he has Bursitis & gave him a prescription to take & some pills in case the pain was acute again. He has been easier since, although he can’t use his arm at all & it still hurts, but the pills just about dope him & he sleeps most of the time! He likes that!!

Will tell you all about everything in my letter- I’m beginning it now! Lots of love from Cyn.  [Cec’s handwriting] Still kicking & enjoying my leisure now. Just an old crock, rheumatism you know.

                     Love Cec.

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