July 29 1950

I think this note must have been included with the mystery items Carol couldn’t get in St. Vincent.

803 Granger Ave. 

Sat 29th July. 

Dearest Mummy,

I am truly sorry that I have been so busy long in sending this stuff. I hope this is right, and the kind of thing you wanted- if it is, let me know & I can get more.

My only excuse is that I am so busy I just don’t seem to have time to squash in 1/2 the things I want to do. When your letter came asking for the things you wanted, I intended to get them soon & send them to you, but before I began work we didn’t seem to have much money at the moment & since I did begin I have just rushed so that I didn’t realize how long it was since you asked me. I have got the rubber bands & will send them separately & also the fine white cotton for Auntie Moo, but the rubbers (galoshes) I thought of waiting & getting when we are in Canada as we will be going in 2 weeks, & we are trying to conserve our U.S. dollars!! Cec of course, isn’t teaching now, so he is only getting the $150 from Canada & as $80 of that goes on rent, it is nice that I am getting some too. We find we spend more now that I am out to work with occasional lunches & bus fares etc.-also buying food that is quick to prepare & not not more economical stews etc.! Food prices continue to go up too.

Would you like to hear our skedule?! The alarm goes off at 6:45 & I get up (gradually!) shower, dress, get breakfast & when it is cooking, wake Cec who showers after breakfast. Then we eat & I make sandwiches if we are taking lunch (we usually do, but when Cec was at home with his bursitis I ate in drug stores) and make the bed then dash out for the 7:55 bus! I get to work a minute or so after 8 & work till around 10, when we go out for our 15 mins (or 30!) for coffee! Then work till 12, & an hour for lunch. At 1 we’re back at work again, & then our break between 3 & 4- all the girls are so nice & I always go out with one or two of them & we chatter & have a good time! They all enjoy teasing me about English & I enjoy making cracks back! At 5 o’clock I dash out & meet Cec & we get a bus home at 5:15- it goes a great roundabout way & is very crowded so it takes us 20 mins or more, whereas it goes directly into town in 5 minutes. When we get in I begin dinner, & we finally eat about 6:30 or so, then I read the paper when we drink our coffee afterwards, & at last wash up! I usually have washing or ironing or shopping (on Fridays) or socks or something & before I know what Cec is chasing me to bed! You’ll be glad to hear that he is strict about my bedtime! 

Must stop now & write you a proper A.M. letter! 

          Lots and lots of love from 


I have to say, Cyn’s schedule details just make me so grateful that when I worked thirty years later, my husband got up and shared the chores morning and evening with me!

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