June 22 1950

Here is the missing letter, where Cyn is telling her mother all about getting a job, but misdated so I posted it out of sequence!  I believe this was written on June 22nd, not July, mostly because of the contents, but also because there are two other letters dated July 22nd which I’ll post after this one.  I should be reviewing my material in advance- apologies.

22nd July. [actually June] 1950.

Dearest Little Mummy,

It seems ages since we’ve heard from you, but I hope that it is just that you are busy having a good time, and not that you have more cold or sore throat.

Well, since I wrote last week, what do you think? Your daughter has become a wage earner again! On Monday, while Cec was away, I cleaned up the flat & then in the afternoon ambled down to the Administration Building of the University, thinking I might get a job to begin in a week’s time, or next month or something! However, they said would I like a temporary job, so I said yes, and off I was sent at once!! It is in the Institute for Social Research, which is a Dept. of the University, & that first afternoon I was sent to a Dr. Katona, & typed part of a book he is writing on Economics etc.! Since then I have gone each day & have had all sorts of different jobs, & enjoyed it very much really! After typing for Dr. Katona for 3 days, I was shown how to type stencils, then how to use an electric typewriter! It has the same keyboard as the usual one, but you just touch the keys instead of banging them, & instead of each letter taking the same space, the thin letters like i only take 2 “units” as they’re called & the fat ones like m take 5, so the finished result is very neat & looks more like the page of a book. I typed a great long article on Atomic Energy Control on that on stencils, then learnt how to work a mimeographing machine & stencilled off 100 copies of the article. Another day I learnt how to use a dictaphone, & typed the minutes of a meeting from one, so I have been having fun!

The hours are 8.30 – 12.0, and 1.0 – 5.30!! I get paid .85¢ an hour which works out at about $34 a week, which is nice! The first couple of days I worked solidly through, with no breaks & was fair wore out, but I am in an office now with two girls who have initiated me! and I take a break of about 20 minutes or so in the morning & 1/2 hour in the afternoon. There is a room in the building that has a machine with choc. bars, & a machine for coca-cola, & a machine for coffee!! You put your nickel in, & out pops a paper cup & in shoots a stream of coffee & you press buttons for cream & sugar!! The 2 girls are Florence, who is the Office Manager’s secretary & is going to have a baby in Aug. & Lois who is an account clerk & is coloured & is working her way through college. Quite a number of the girls are coloured & it is quite a change for me!!

Cec got back from Columbus safely on Tues. evening & all last week we had our lunch in a drugstore, but this week we have been taking sandwiches etc. & eating them in Cec’s room in the Physics Building as I am quite nearby. It was Cec’s birthday on Friday & I gave him a new key case & an attachment for his camera, so that he can set it, then dash round & get in the picture himself! His birthday spread right over the weekend, as on Sat. we went to the theatre & saw Shaw’s “Getting Married” with Cedric Hardwicke & Arthur Treacher which was very good, & had a big dinner of roast chicken & strawberries at home, & on Sun. I made his birthday cake!! I had a real busy weekend what with cleaning & one thing & another!

Dr. S. was in Columbus with Cec, but didn’t get back till Sat., so we went along & kept Gunborg company on Wed. & Fri. evenings & on Sunday they invited us & the Simpsons & Dockerills & showed us some of their coloured movie films which were lovely.

It is getting late now & I am so sleepy (my early rising!) so I will stop & go to bed. Cec has gone to work this evening & will probably be back late, so I am not going to wait up for him. With all my toiling I have never managed to write that letter answering yours yet, but I’ll do it sometime. My love to Auntie Moo- and lots & lots for you-



P.S. Sorry this is a dopey letter – it is v. hot & I am sweltering! 

P.P.S. Cec advanced me $10.00 & on Sat. I bought myself 2 prs. nylons, 1 navy blue summer skirt & 1 white pique blouse!—

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