September 21 1948

11 Park St. 


Sept 21, 1948

Dear Folks, 

I haven’t written since my holiday in France (or have I), at any rate it’s been quite a while.

We had a lovely week at Cannes before I returned. You should get Al’s letter from Mrs. Bryce – he writes a book on all his trips! I came back to be best man for Bob Stewart Aug 28 – the Canadian who broke his leg & married his nurse. Then I moved to my present digs – I have a sitting room, larger than in college & a nice bedroom. My landlady gives me breakfast & Sunday lunch. She is very nice & we get along fine. She also has a little kitten which makes it seem more like home.

I’ve been going to Baldock the past month, catching an 8.25 train & returning about 7 PM. It’s a hard day but interesting & I don’t do anything, apart from going out, in the evenings, which makes a big difference.  I’m on full navy pay for the month, at an Admiralty research station, which will help the finances.

I went up to London with the girlfriend on Saturday to see the show “Oklahoma”. It was grand, as you can gather from the record & also very funny in places. I wore my uniform for the first time in a year – it felt sort of good to “dress up” again.

I haven’t had any snaps printed yet, as I ran short of money. In fact, I had to ask Saskatoon to cable me some. I’ll be OK at the end of the month when I get my scholarship and navy pay.

I’ve asked Auntie to start sending parcels again, and would like Dad to send her $50 for that purpose.  I think it’s the best way since she can get them sent by a firm. But if you are making up a parcel, butter, sugar, jam, lard, dried eggs, tinned meat are the most useful. Cereals etc. aren’t rationed here now.

Well, I must to bed, since I get a call at 7:30 (& another at 10 to 8 often) so goodbye for now.



Of course, ‘the girlfriend’ had seen “Oklahoma” in New York in 1946, and had loved it, so I’m sure she enjoyed Saturday’s outing too!

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