November 24 1948

11 Park Street


Nov 24, 1948

Dear Folks, 

it’s past time I got busy with a pen, I’ve been busy trying to get some definite progress to report to my supervisor when he returns from the States at the end of the month. As a matter fact, with the shipping strike I don’t know when he will be back.

Your parcel arrived in good shape, Mom, & the honey, which is all I’ve sampled yet, is really good. Is it your own? As for sending parcels from S’toon or Toronto, it doesn’t matter to me. Simpson’s will let Auntie make her own selections which means I don’t get a lot of the stuff in the “standard” parcel which is no use to me. If Eatons will do the same or have more suitable selections OK. You will have to decide.  I’m in a slightly better position this year since my landlady can prepare things.

Cliff Smart & his wife are both fine these days. Cliff seems to be quite recovered. They are expecting a baby about Christmas, so I wonder if you could send me something nice in the baby present line.

We’ve just had two days of foul pea soup fog, but it’s clear today. You couldn’t see a hundred yards night or day and times it was down to 10 yards. It’s nice to see the sun again.

My research is going ahead slow but steady. The tubes I’m making look like a cross between some plumbing & radio tubes. They are something new & are working better than expected. Apart from my research Admiralty has several uses, I believe. I started the work while on reserve training & I am still going to Baldock three – four times a week. Have you heard from Pete & Lu lately – I haven’t for ages. Al Hagan said they had stopped some of the work at the Univ.

I don’t know yet where I’ll be spending Christmas, I’ve been invited to take the Chapman’s in Oxford, and also by Cyn & her mother in Cambridge. I may do both. 

The Canada Club is doing fairly well, but it’s still too much work to suit me. I’ve got an open meeting arranged for next Friday, I’ve got to go to London this Friday to meet our guest speaker.

My Christmas cards may be a bit late this year. I’m having another snap of John’s made up & they are slow. 

I’ll close now & write again when I send the card in a day or so 



P.S. Hope Carman has recovered

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