August 1948

Dear Cyn,

      Sore but going strong. Al Bryce met me in Paris, I cycled thru Paris to Cité University he took my bag, got in an express tube & had to walk back 10 miles. Toulouse to Carracasone Mon., to the Med at Sète, & today on to Montpellier. No Gorge de Tarn thank God.

            Love Cec

Dear Cyn,

    Still plowing on, eating too much & getting more used to my steed. In Nîmes at present, Marseilles tomorrow nite. Bye for now 

    Love Cec

1. Dear Cyn,

    Here we are in the “Rome of France”. They sure have some amazing Roman buildings around. Actually I’m writing this at the end of the road & will make it a continued story. I’ve got some more snaps of this place. We went on from here to Marseille. 

    Love Cec

2. Dear Cyn,

    and as you can see hit the coast. I thought the road would be level, but my God we’ve had two days of hill climbing, pedalling & walking up for an hour, then shooting down, coasting for twenty minutes down wonderful roads out up to 50 mph. Maybe it’s worth the climb.

    Love Cec

3. Dear Cyn,

    About this point riding is getting dangerous because it’s hard to keep your eyes on the road, Ou la la. The camping & eating are the best part though. Our mainstay for evening meal is just you. Recipe 1 1/4 lbs tinned beef, t3 lbs potatoes, 1 lbs carrots, 1 onion, 2 tomatoes- for 4 people. Then we have tomatoes, cheese, bread, and tonite fresh figs, watermelon & peaches & coffee. Hungry? 


4. Dear Cyn,

    The last days ride was along La Corniche D’Or, red rock cliffs approaching Cannes and was marvellous. We are camped on a river bank, 200 yds from the ocean beach about 3 miles out of Cannes proper. It is lovely here, p Full moon & lovely beach. Only one thing missing. Wish you were here. 

    Love Cec

19-8-48.    Nice

Dear Cyn,

    By bus to Nice today with Brian Smith, then to Monte Carlo for a quick gander this afternoon. Maybe I lose my shirt. We are returning to our camp at Cannes this p.m. Cannes is much better beach.

    I expect I will be back in Cambridge for a couple of days on the 25th. If you are around will see you but don’t miss your holiday. 

    Bye for now      

    Love Cec

Dear Cyn, 

    This is just to send you some stamps since we found Monaco has a separate stamp issue. Quite a place this. Built for mountain goats on a 45° slope. All hotels & shops, but well laid out, lovely gardens, rock garden cliffs etc. Haven’t been in here yet. Don’t know if we need bow ties. Full moon tonight, wasted. 

    Love Cec

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