March 1 1948

Even before he met Cyn, it is clear that Cec was enjoying the Cambridge experience. He was involved in the Canada Club, he had broken his collar bone playing softball, he was working hard at his own research and was, as a Navy Reservist, combining his research with their projects. And he appreciated food parcels from North America just as much as the Ewings did!

I 13 New Court

Saint John’s Coll 

March 1

Dear Folks, 

Your parcel arrived yesterday, Mom, thanks a lot, I was beginning to run short of butter so it will be really handy. 

Sorry to be so long writing, I have been too busy to do anything, but I don’t know what I’ve been doing. The Canada Club has been taking a lot of time, getting out notices etc. & trying to balance their books. We are having Lord Tweedsmuir down this Friday – John Buchan’s son – for a club dinner & open meeting afterwards. That finishes this term and I hope to get some work done. My research is going a lot slower than I counted on, but I am making some progress. What happened to Cy? I guess I’ll have to write Pete and Lu and get the low down. I sent Cy a Xmas Card but hadn’t heard from him. I hope they are all better.

Our spell of cold weather – we had one inch of snow for two days a couple of weeks ago – seems to be over. The lawns are covered with yellow & purple crocuses now, and the daffodils just beginning to bloom. It’s a nice country, but I could never live here. I feel I know them fairly well, but they are a strange people. I don’t know what it is, very egotistical but with a definite dry rot, or apathy. Too many wars, I guess. They have genius, yet they will put up with the most appalling conditions and inefficiency, and apparently not notice it. Far too much tradition for one thing.

Those chocolates are sure good, I’m eating them now. Did I tell you I won’t be home after all, the ship is leaving a month too soon, darn it. I could use the trip. I’ll probably join Al Bryce and some others on a bicycle tour of France. My shattered legs! 

Bye for now



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