May 26 1947

4229 Berwick Ave. 

26th May 1947. 

Dearest Mummy and Daddy,

I was so glad to hear that you had been having some nice summer weather – I do hope that it will last and that you will have it really warm to compensate for the fuel ban. I can just imagine how cold it gets in the evenings of even the hottest days so you must be careful and not catch cold.

The weather here is still being most peculiar and changeable- two days last week it suddenly got quite roasting hot – so much so that everyone wilted and was quite unprepared for it – then since it has been dull and cold and poured with rain most of yesterday. Today was fairly fine, but a cold blustery wind, I don’t think English weather is so bad in comparison after all!

Last week I had a fairly busy week- luncheons at school during the day and quite a few social events in the evenings! On Monday I went to Toledo University (my 1st visit) and spoke to the Mother’s Club there. I was quite pleased because I just went, and spoke and came away before their business meeting which was a great saving of time for me – usually they make me sit & wait through all their Minutes & Treasurer’s Reports etc. & it takes hours. They also sent me $5 afterwards too! Miss Marie Stoll’s sister was one of the mothers there, and from meeting her I can just imagine what Miss Stoll must be like.

On Wednesday the Senior Girls (all leaving school this summer) gave a tea at school for their Mothers, and I was invited with some of the other teachers. It was really a huge affair as there about 300 girls in the Senior Class & nearly all of them seemed to be there with their Mothers- and such Glamour! The girls were all lashed up in their best, so that I hardly recognized them. All the ladies (me too!) were presented with rose buttonholes as we arrived and there was a programme of music & one or two little speeches & then tea & gossip! I like all the senior girls I have very much, & it was nice meeting their mothers & seeing what they were like.

On Thursday I was invited to dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Dorman Richardson. They are a very nice couple I met in the winter at some Y.W.C.A. function. I have spoken at 1 or 2 things Mrs. Richardson has been at, and Mr. Richardson was president of the Men’s Club I spoke at before Christmas. Francis Kaya was there too & Mrs.?? ( a lady who used to teach at DeV. & now married to a Dutchman!) so we had a very nice evening.

On Friday I had a most hectic day. There had been some telephoning about my talking to the Toledo Garden Forum, but I didn’t realize it had been definitely arranged until I got in from the Richardsons on Thurs. night & found a note saying they would pick me up at 10:30 a.m. at school. I nearly had a fit as I had 2 classes making bread, & 4 girls giving a luncheon to some of the teachers! However I went to school- ignored my study class 1st hour, & helped the luncheon girls instead. 2nd hour I showed the girls how to knead & shape their bread & put it to rise, then left them to do it, & rushed off to speak at 10:30! The Garden Forum is made up of representatives of all the garden clubs in Toledo, & they were quite nice, but at 12:30 they all disbanded to go home for lunch & I was delivered back at school at 1 o’clock too late to get any for myself! Then I had to begin baking my bread! That wasn’t the end, because in the evening the Home Ec Club was having their annual Banquet, so I had to go to that and was I glad when that day was over!

The weekend, as I said, was cold & rainy, but on Sat. Til & I went down town & shopped & had lunch, and in the evening I went with Mr. & Mrs. Atkinson & Howell to a banquet affair. It was very crowded though & Howell & I were rather bored, so we left early & I was home in bed before 10.30!

On Sunday I got up & went to Early Service, & then it was very dull & rainy & I spent the time doing odd jobs. By late afternoon it had cleared up so Lois & Til & I went a drive & had dinner in a nice little hotel, & came home and went to bed early. I will stop now before I use another sheet as there is no more news. Thank you for your letter, Mummy, take care of yourselves. 

  With lots of love from 


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