May 20 1947

Letters get more formal when Cyn writes an Air Mail to both her parents- less gossip, fewer details, fewer ampersands, and much shorter!

4229 Berwick Ave.,

Toledo 12 Ohio

20th May 1947. 

Dearest Mummy and Daddy, 

I hope that you are both keeping quite well, and that the weather is nice for you, so that you are not feeling the fuel ban so badly. I had a letter from Anne in Cambridge yesterday & she said that they were having beautiful warm weather, so I hope that it is the same with you. Here, it is still very changeable- last Friday it suddenly got very hot, like midsummer, then both Saturday & Sunday were miserable – dull & rainy with thunderstorms & since then it has been fine, but cooler, & everyone is wondering where summer is!

As usual I have been busy since I last wrote, but mostly social activities with not many talks which is a blessing! Last Wed. evening I was invited to a Banquet given by a Home Economics Sorority (connected with the University). I had spoken to their group before & they were very nice girls & I enjoyed meeting them. The Banquet was very nice & there was a Speaker, so all I had to do was sit & listen- I was Guest of Honour! After it was over, they initiated some new members & initiated me as an Honorary Member – so now I am a Sorority Sister of Sigma Alpha Something-or-the-other! But still it was very sweet of them to invite me to join.

On Friday I was a Guest of Honour again at a tea given by the Toledo Teachers Association – (more corsages!) – so I went with Til, and we had a good time. After tea there was a man giving a talk “Music is Fun” Til & I didn’t think much of it, but we enjoyed criticizing! Afterwards we picked up Lois & went the pictures to see “It’s a Wonderful Life” which was very good.

On Saturday Til & I went shopping & had lunch in town, & of course thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! I got some cotton yarn & came back & spent the evening weaving a rug, which is easy & fascinating, but made my fingers awfully sore! 

Sunday morning, Mr. Atkinson came for me at 9 o’clock. He & Mrs. Atkinson were driving to Lorain for the day- a place about 100 miles east of Toledo along Lake Erie & when he heard that I hadn’t seen much of the Lake they invited me to go too. Unfortunately on Saturday night there were some very heavy rain & thunderstorms, & it was dull & grey all day Sunday, but even so it was a beautiful drive. Going, we went by the lake which was grey too, but we passed right through the peach growing district, but much to my disappointment the rain had spoiled the peach blossom, & it was nearly all gone. Coming back, we came through the country (more to the south) & that was just wonderful because we passed through miles & miles of apple orchards which were just lovely & made up for missing the peach. We also passed through Milan, Edison’s birth place. Jordan was quite a nice small town, & the Atkinson’s friends we were visiting were an old Tyneside couple- originally came from near Cowgate! He had just come out of hospital after an operation, & wasn’t very well, but she was full of go, & the Atkinsons had a good time talking away & exchanging news. I enjoyed the drive very much though.

Yesterday evening I went to Toledo University to speak to the Mother’s Club there & amongst the Mothers was Miss Marie Stoll’s sister. She was nice & must look very much like Miss Stoll I think, because even by the pictures I’ve seen, I saw a likeness. This evening I have been packing parcels & poking my rug again! 

Thank you very much for your letter, Mummy, which I got yesterday- I intend to answer all of them soon, & will try to get it going this week. I was so glad to hear the girls had such a good time when they visited you. 

Take care of yourselves now, 

    With much love from 


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