Friends and Fun

Cyn’s photographs are more successful in black & white than colour- sadly the colour of the marvellous azaleas have faded in yellowed snaps. But the friends she writes of and the gorgeous cars show up quite clearly! Of course in the days of rolls of film, pictures remained in the camera until the roll was finished, so her photos of her trip at Easter were not developed until July 1947, and include some of her visit to her New York relatives then. The black & white snaps start in September 1946 at Lois’ airport, show winter coat weather, and finish with the Easter trip. Also included are Easter Sunday snaps of her New York relatives- I’m assuming it was the same Easter!

Cyn at the airport in September 1946.
Cyn’s first flight!
Til, Bill, dog, and the car!
Bellingrath Gardens, Mobile Alabama, March 1947.
Bellingrath Gardens.
Til, Cyn, and Lois.
On the road: Cyn pointing, with Til and Mildred.
Mona and Owen visiting Highland Mills at Easter.
Hugh and Little Mona on Easter Sunday.

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