May 29 1947

29th May 1947

Dearest little Mama,

I am so intrigued with my nice new little letters!  I got some this week, so I thought that I would write  one to you now, because I will probably be late with my weekend letter, and I still haven’t managed to get that long newsy letter written to you yet.  I just seem to have been so busy that I haven’t had a minute to get down to it – as usual I have been out and about 5 nights out of every week at least, and then I have also been shortening some new summer dresses I got, and lengthening my last year’s dresses, which now seem very short. In addition to that I have been having such a time packing & sending off the girl’s parcels – and I’m still not finished! I sent off I think it was 7 parcels on Saturday – cost me $8.00! One for Irene, three for Nan, two for Marjorie (Laing) one for you, and a little packet for Connie Fairlamb. I still have one for Dottie, one for Pam, one other for you, and one for my pal Ivy in Cambridge! Irene’s has her clothes + 2nd hand clothes, one of Nan’s is the same, another is food and the third is her wedding present – I have sent her a cream candlewick bed cover & a blue double bed blanket. They are both lovely & I was very pleased because I got them at a sale & so they were reduced a bit, but I haven’t paid for them yet! Both Marjorie’s parcels are food, & the parcel I sent to you is food too, & the packet for Connie has a little sun suit for the baby. Dottie’s & Pam’s are all packed, but not sent yet- I had such a time with Pam’s shoes- when I came to pack them I found they had given me 2 right shoes, & I couldn’t remember the shop I had bought them at! However after much toiling from shop to shop I found the place & got a left shoe to match. I am sending Ivy a pair of white sandals I promised her before I left, & she has been very sweet about writing to me, without many replies! I am most sorry about Mary Stuart, but I can’t send her anything, because by the time I got her letter I had spent all (& more!) of the money, so I am just going to have to write & tell her so. The parcel I am sending you this week has in some 2nd hand things of Lois’ which I would like you to keep for me – I think they are too small for you. The shoes are for you & also a dress I bought you which I hope you will like- and a hat to match! I can see you giggling at the hat, but I think you will look cute in it! If the blouse & old jacket of Lois’ are any good to you- you use them. I am so glad that you got the other food parcel & pralines & enjoyed them. I got a praline for myself & tasted it & thought it was nice too. I will really try to get that letter written soon! I am leaving at 5 a.m. tomorrow with the Atkinsons – it is a holiday for Memorial Day & we are driving to Toronto for the weekend. 

    Lots of love and kisses 

        from Cyn.

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