November 11 1944

Indomitable service:

October 1944

                15th        Deployed with Task Group 63.3 for diversionary operations in Indian Ocean during US landings on Leyte (Operation MILLET). Six aircrew were lost.

                17th        Launched air attacks with HMS VICTORIOUS on Nicobar Islands. HM Cruiser PHOEBE provided fighter direction facilities and AA defence. Group was screened by HM Destroyers WHELP, WAKEFUL, WAGER and WESSEX.

                19th        Repeated air attacks on Nicobars. During retaliatory attacks by Japanese torpedo bombers, ten of the twelve enemy aircraft were destroyed.


                20th        Deployed with HMS ILLUSTRIOUS to launch air attacks on Belawan Deli. Cover was provided by HM Cruisers NEWCASTLE, ARGONAUT and BLACK PRINCE screened by HM Destroyers KEMPENFELT (ii), WHIRLWIND, WRANGLER, WESSEX and WAKEFUL. (Operation OUTFLANK).

(Note: Original target on Pangkalan Brandon could not be attacked due to weather conditions in the area).

22th        Became part of British Pacific Fleet with HMS ILLUSTRIOUS and HMS VICTORIOUS.

*From , accessed April 21 2020

[November 11, 1944? No date on letter – outside of envelope is marked 11/11 with Cec’s initials, post mark 1944}

P.S My complete address

Lieut C C Costain RCNVR

HMS Indominable

British Fleet Mail Office

Dear folks, 

I’ve recently been told off for not writing you, but that’s not the only reason I am writing. For the first time in over a year I have time on my hands. The Captain was beginning to think I was folding up – he wasn’t far wrong, and I’ve been sent on a weeks leave. It’s marvelous cool, tennis, billiards walking.  And marvelous food and service. It’s at an officers rest hostel, several of us are here and its grand.

I received several letters from you lately – two sea mail on the visit to Whitefox, and some more on the trip to B.C. & house painting. Things must be looking grand. I hope you don’t sell the place.

Wynne told me she had been over to see you and play with Carmens airplane. I think she enjoyed herself. I hear from her quite often and reply to each one – which means I owe you for letters.

The war seems to be dragging on and on, so I can’t see much point in sticking to the end of the war for a short leave. I expect to be home on leave this coming summer, but I don’t count on it too much. I’ll have three months due, so should get at least two. But I’m a long way away so it’s hard to certain. If I do, I’ll help get rid of some of your canning.

Bye for now 



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