September 22 1944

Indomitable service:

August 1944

                23rd        With Eastern Fleet to provide air-sea rescue facilities during US air attacks by XX

                                Bomber Command on Sumatra (Operation BOOMERANG).

                24th        Launched air attacks on Padang with HMS ILLUSTRIOUS and HMS VICTORIOUS covered by HM Battleship HOWE and units of Eastern Fleet. Targets included cement works at Indaroeng and harbour installations at Emmerhaven (Operation BANQUET).


                18th        Deployed with HMS VICTORIOUS escorted by HMS HOWE, two cruisers and seven Fleet Destroyers to launch air attacks on Sigli, Sumatra and photo-reconnaissance over Nicobar Islands (Operation LIGHT).

                                Two aircraft accidentally attacked HM Submarine SPIRIT which was acting as Plane Guard.*

*From , accessed April 21 2020

Sept 22, 1944

Dear Folks,

I received your letter today telling all about your trip to BC. My Gosh was I surprised. You always said you’d have time to gad about when the kids grew up. You lucky people. I suppose I’ve seen my share of the world and will see more, but I’ve always wanted to see the mountains and BC. Not to mention my numerous cousins. But it is high time you had a real holiday.

Pardon the interruption, one of our numerous cats just walked in and jumped up on my letter. We have quite a few but they aren’t very homey.

I’m doing quite well lately, I get fits of depression if I get too tired but they don’t last too long. My health is fine, I’m luckier than a great many in that respect. This is a foul climate for a white man. We have just had another crack at Sumatra, but it wasn’t very interesting.

I don’t know whether I’m stuck for good or not. I’ve been on here a long time now, but one of these days they will find they can run the ship without me. I suppose I’ve been on here too long now, but I don’t care much because I doubt if I could find a better ship.

I have had several letters from Wynne lately and one from Lena. By the way, do you know why she gets them in twos – because I get mine in threes.       

It is pretty difficult to write a letter these days without one to answer, but yours are coming in better now.

I’ve been doing the odd bit of swimming, but I’m afraid I don’t tan even out here. But I’ve stopped burning which is one consolation.

How did the kids do in their exams. You mentioned them writing but not the results. You wondered if Wynne knew definitely where I was. Don’t be silly, there’s a war on. There’s only one time you will know and that’s when I’m home and you won’t be sure then. But I’m afraid that’s a long way off. 

Bye for now 



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