August 11 1944

Cec on right.

Indomitable service:

July 5th          With Eastern Fleet 

H.M.S. Indomitable 

Aug 11, 1944

Dear Folks, 

Well I have had a surprise this past week. I received three letters from you, dated May 14, 28 sent to Norfolk, & one air letter (June 10 or 18,)??  So all in all I am fairly up-to-date. Glad to hear Lena passed her exams, you don’t know how glad.  You mention her writing a letter from her new job, but where is she working and what is her address? Also Percy‘s address if he is still around. It was good to get news of the Bomfards, I’m glad they are doing so well. Percy may be putting on weight but I’m afraid I’m sweating a lot off.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with Les lately, talking over old times and new. It has given me a new lease on life so to speak to meet up with him. He seems pretty content but is thinking rather seriously of the Foreign Service which we are due. He’s going to apply, and may get it after awhile, but it’s doubtful. At least he has a much better chance than I have at the moment. He hasn’t changed a bit, but he says I have. I suppose he is right, certainly the responsibility hasn’t done me any harm, if it has bent my shoulders a little more. 

I got one letter from Bid today, giving me —  for not writing, but it’s not my fault entirely they take several months, and probably will be longer now. Your last air letter came in double quick time but I suppose soon winter weather will stop most of the mail flights. Since mine is just beginning to catch up that will probably make another three months gap, so don’t forget to get a few away before the bad weather. Parcels are pretty hopeless out here so to send letters instead.

You didn’t say anything about the kid’s exams how did they do and what grade are they in now anyway. 

I close now & answer some more of your letters later 

Love to all 


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