July 16 1944

Indomitable service:

May 1944               Completed refit and returned to UK to embark aircraft.

June                        Passage to Trincomalee.

July        5th          Joined Eastern Fleet with HM Aircraft Carrier VICTORIOUS.

                               Prepared for operational duties with Fleet.*

*From http://www.naval-history.net/xGM-Chrono-04CV-HMS_Indomitable.htm , accessed April 21 2020

HMS Indomitable

c/o GPO London

July 16, 1944 

Dear Mother 

I’m afraid I have neglected my letter writing for the past few weeks, but I felt I musn’t miss your birthday, and so, late as they are, Many Happy Returns.

I am in the in the Indian Ocean now, so mail is pretty poor. I have received one air letter from Wynne since I arrived, which took just under five weeks in transit, which isn’t too bad. I’ve got quite a stock of air letter forms, so I’ll use them and hope you will do the same. My mail hasn’t really caught up with me for three months but maybe it will settle down soon. Writing letters with nothing to talk about is a wee bit difficult.

But I have had a very interesting time lately. This is certainly the “other half of the world”. I’ve bought a few trinkets of various kinds including a nice leather briefcase for myself but I don’t know yet whether to risk sending them or not. I think shopping and bargaining is about our greatest relaxation. If I don’t do a fair amount I’ll always be sorry.

What are you doing for holidays this year. After working all spring you ought to take a good one. It doesn’t seem possible, but I suppose the kids are finished another year of school. Don’t I wish I was. As the war drags on & on my years of schooling ahead seem very formidable.

How did Lena’s exams go. I wrote to her some time ago but haven’t had any reply yet. She seemed to be having a good time down east but then she always did.

It can get pretty hot sometimes at home but nothing like this. I have stood the heat fairly well to date, and hope it hangs on the same. It may be a bad climate for heat rash etc. but ah the fruit. Fresh pineapple and oranges etc., really hit the spot. But I won’t make you jealous.

Well, that about exhausts me and my news so I’ll close now and hope to hear from you soon. 

Love to all 


Camping? It does look hot. Cec on left.

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