January 26 1944

HMS Indomitable Service:

January to April – Under repair and refit at Norfolk Navy Yard, Virginia.

From http://www.naval-history.net/xGM-Chrono-04CV-HMS_Indomitable.htm , accessed April21 2020.

Jan 26, 1944

Dear Folks, 

It’s quite a while since I’ve written or heard from you. I forget who owes who but it’s probably my turn.

All is OK down here and busy as ever. I’ve got an assistant now or did I tell you. It will make things better after while but hasn’t had much effect yet.

I got the papers OK and figure I owe them about $120 income tax. I’m going to write and see if I can pay it in English or American. If not, they will have to wait a couple of years more. It’s only for the first six months of 42. Lucky I’m with the RN or I’d be paying about 600 a year. Living with the English has its compensations.

I hope uncle Harry is well on the way to recovery by now. I’d like to be home to hear the old organ going again. Have you been able to get it fixed up any?

Gyp and Sandy must be getting tired of being noncombatants. Sandy must be getting old. It’s time you got another kitten. He’s probably paying Gyp back for sitting on him when they were small.

Don’t think from my previous crack that things aren’t going smoothly. We’ve got some swell officers on board, one of them about the most remarkable man I’ve met. But I hope Helen knows what she was doing. Still I guess if they can stand it she can.

I expect to cover some of the country down here soon. Duty of course, but may see some of the bright lights I missed at Christmas. 

Well it’s getting late so I’ll close for now. 



 P.S. Have you lost your pens.

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