November 25 1944

Indomitable service:

October 1944

                15th        Deployed with Task Group 63.3 for diversionary operations in Indian Ocean during US landings on Leyte (Operation MILLET). Six aircrew were lost.

                17th        Launched air attacks with HMS VICTORIOUS on Nicobar Islands.  HM Cruiser PHOEBE provided fighter direction facilities and AA defence.  Group was screened by HM Destroyers WHELP, WAKEFUL, WAGER and WESSEX.

                19th        Repeated air attacks on Nicobars.  During retaliatory attacks by Japanese torpedo bombers, ten of the twelve enemy aircraft were destroyed.


                20th        Deployed with HMS ILLUSTRIOUS to launch air attacks on Belawan Deli. Cover was provided by HM Cruisers NEWCASTLE, ARGONAUT and BLACK PRINCE screened by HM Destroyers KEMPENFELT (ii), WHIRLWIND, WRANGLER, WESSEX and WAKEFUL. (Operation OUTFLANK).

                                (Note: Original target on Pangkalan Brandon could not be attacked due to weather conditions in the area).

22th        Became part of British Pacific Fleet with HMS ILLUSTRIOUS and HMS VICTORIOUS.*

*From , accessed April 21 2020

H.M.S. Indomitable

c/o British Fleet Mail

Nov 25, 1944

Dear Folks, 

I just realized the date, so I’m going to try and get some Christmas letters written. I hope I haven’t left too late. 

I received your letter of Oct 29 and the parcel including pen and razor blades. The pen is working fine. I’m sure I’ll manage a lot more letters. There was a box of powdered crumbs with them. It was well packed, but I’m afraid it’s a waste of energy to send cookies etc. mom. Parcels take a terrific beating coming out here.

I’m sure I won’t know the old place when I return. I’m not as optimistic tonight as when I wrote my last letter. I’m afraid Wynne will be disappointed if she expects me to return by New Year’s. Incidentally, you might be right about her letters.

At last I received the first news of the kid’s exams. If you have told me three times already I’ve lost a lot of mail. I’m glad they are doing well – Keep it up kids. I hope I’ll be back in time to go to University with Carmen! 

I don’t think Percy has enough practical aptitude to make a go of his previous job. It was always like pulling teeth when he tried to fix his old bike. 

I’ve got another officer now so when he is trained I’ll be able to relax. 

I’m having a bad time with this letter because I keep killing cockroaches – a couple of dozen so far. 

I’ll close wishing you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope I get home sometime during the year to make it happier.

Love to all


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