August 15 1939

Tuesday 15th August.

Slept till 12 o’clock. Chris brought tea & then we got up in time for lunch. Afterwards Miss Lefroy had to go out so Mummy & I decided to go to town. Left a message with Mrs. Ryan about my phone call, but when we got to Oxford Circus, I thought I might phone the hotel & say goodbye if Wilkie was going. Rang up Hotel Imperial, Russell Square & waited. Then a voice saying he had left. I was expecting it, but still I felt the light go out. There was no fun anymore- nothing to sing about – no gay expectancy – tears in my heart – I know what it means now.

However we went on up Regent Street looking at shops, to Piccadilly Circus, then round Leicester Square & to Swan & Edgars for tea. Mum & I very sad chat! Out again & back up Regent Street to Oxford Circus- bus to Camden Town & another home. Arrived about six- no phone call of course.

Had dinner and afterwords played cards. And to bed – and I wept. Cynthia was never going to fall in love of course, and yet she cried herself to sleep.

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