August 16 1939

Wednesday 16th August.

Slept until 10 o’clock & eventually crawled downstairs for breakfast. Chris & AGL. out so we washed up & cleared away. Felt very miserable & hung around the telephone waiting for something to happen. Third time it rang it was Maurice – very tired having slept most of the time – asking me to go out in the afternoon & saying he’d call about 2:30.

Felt a bit cheered after that & got dressed & had lunch. Mommy told Miss Hull I was in love & she was terribly sympathetic- so sweet! 

Maurice eventually arrived – plus umbrella- looking too frightfully bored & English! – And away we went to the Zoo – it was so nice seeing him again. We had last got there having walked about 10 times as far as we need & discovered the place simply crowded out. Packed. Very terrible so Maurice rushed me into the Aquarium & we spent a while at fishes & an octopus which I simply loathed! Outside & wandered round & saw penguins and things & then sat on a seat & talked about ourselves & each other. I discovered all about his mother & father & school & at all & I told him about the plan Mummy & I had of coming to live in London & he approved heartily. He’s a sweet boy. We then rushed around & saw bears & birds & whatnots. Then over & had tea & talked some more & then walked home. He is going for an interview at the B.B.C. in the morning & then flying to Paris in the afternoon to play in a tennis tournament so I won’t see him again. He came in & said goodbye to Mummy & then left – definitely a pet, Maurice.

Had an early dinner & got ready & AGL, Miss Hull, Mum & I off in a car to Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre to see “Tobias and the Angel”. Lovely sitting in the dark & seeing the trees. Very amusing play, but couldn’t see terribly well although I enjoyed it all the same. Home & had a feast. Then to bed – sad.

[This production was made into a BBC Television show that month! TV in 1939!]

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