August 14 1939

Monday 14th August

Slept two hours & then up feeling not too bad. Dressed & upstairs. Met Jimmy and had a little chat.

Into breakfast – Egypt gone having left at Cherbourg – the doctor came & sat beside me instead. Up & saw Immigration officers in the Smokeroom afterwards, then talked- Mamma, Maurice, Nora, Jimmy, Bob & I.  Mamma quite serene! Up on deck after a while & watched the ship going up the Solent. Lots of aeroplanes around. Wilkie there too & the Doctor.

Had lunch early & then on deck again already. Arrived about 1.  People on board, but no one for any of us. Sat in the lounge & waited – Jimmy played for us. Off at about 3 & to the Customs. Showed all our things, but the Customs man was sweet & let everything through. Said goodbye to Jimmy & Bob & left them. Nora & Wilkie got through all right. Maurice had to wait for ages & had to pay excess baggage, much to his annoyance. Bunny Austin came & spoke to him though!

Got seats on the train & waited but the poor Doctor! He kept the train waiting three quarters of an hour while they searched every one of his trunks, dumped out his shirts and pyjamas, went through his pockets & generally played merry hell. Off at last- Mum, Nora, Maurice & I in a carriage with the man & his wife who was going to have a baby. Wanted tea, so wandered along & found it was brought to you, so we went & found Wilkie & the Doc & another man in a carriage & had it with them. Stayed with & consoled the doctor who was most upset. Gave Wilkie & Maurice my London address. Arrived in London & leapt out of the train. Got a porter & then went in search of luggage- Nora met her mother – & Maurice his father – much to his relief as the poor sweet only had 1/6 left!

Said goodbye to the Doctor & the other man & Nora & temporary farewells to Wilkie & Maurice. Then of course we kept meeting them all over the station! Got all the luggage at last & got a taxi- waved goodbye to Wilkie & Maurice & left.

Quite a thrill to see Westminster Bridge & the old Houses of Parliament. On round Regent’s Park & got to Miss Lefroy’s- Chris and Miss Lefroy waiting – & Nell arrived too. Had more tea & asked Miss Lefroy if she’d mind my going out with Wilkie – she said of course not & was quite thrilled.

A little later a phone call from the Doctor & Wilkie asking me what show I’d like to go to- I said Black and Blue, & they wanted me to come to dinner too, so I arranged to meet them at the corner of Wardour St. & Shaftesbury Avenue at 7:30.

Flew & got ready & Miss Lefroy got a car for me. Arrived & found them waiting so nice to see them there. We went and had dinner at a rather nice quiet place Pinollis [?] nice dinner & Sauternes– great fun trying to tell Wilkie what things were. Left & arrived at the theatre just as the curtain went up.

Much to my annoyance Francis Day wasn’t there & her understudy took the part. I was mad. It was quite good, but rather low in parts. Bebe Daniels was on for a few songs. 

During the Finale the Doctor suddenly leapt up, shook my hand & said good-bye before it dawned on me that he was going. He had to catch the 11:40 to Glasgow.

After we got out, Wilkie & I wandered along- looked at Piccadilly Circus & saw the bright lights. Into Regent’s Palace for a drink, but of course could only get tea – much to Wilkie’s scorn! Talked about cabbages & kings – England & America – Jack thrilled me with America – New York in the fall- Miami and Florida- California in the winter – the spring in [?] – California & Virginia. Romance in every word.

We left at last & took a taxi home. Driving the rough London streets at night with someone – things you dream about- and a man you’d dream about. It didn’t seem real it was so lovely – we just drove around the Park & were bumped & shaken. And I was never so happy.

Time at last – we got there- trouble opening the gate & the door. Goodbye on the doorstep – my American – he’ll ring me tomorrow if his boat doesn’t leave. He wants my Mother to bring me to New York to live- it’s past hoping for. In just at 1 A.M.- Miss Lefroy waiting.

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