August 13 1939

Sunday 13th August.

Didn’t wake up until 10:0 when Mrs. McKissoch’s friend came in. Decided to wait until stewardess arrived & ask for tea & toast, so we did that & it was very nice. Up & out at last & found Nora & Maurice up bright & cheery- more or less! Played ping-pong a bit & amused ourselves.

Had lunch to which Wilkie manage to totter. Afterwards we all grabbed cameras and rushed up on deck as it was nice & sunny, but most frightfully windy. Took some funny groups – Wilkie, Maurice, the Doctor, Jimmy, Ritz, Bob, Nora & me – all positions. Then dashed downstairs & saw the immigration authorities.

Went downstairs & watched Maurice play in the Final of the Ping-Pong Tournament – he beat Wilkie yesterday in the Semi-Final- a great battle- Wilkie is terribly cunning, but Maurice is really the better player.  Maurice this time was playing a little fattish man- awfully good, but he played marvellously & won. Nice work.

The two finalists & Nora & I then went & had tea to drink the health of the Champ! Up to the Smokeroom then & sat until Nora & I decided we must use up the films on our cameras by taking photos of Henry & Egypt, so we dashed off much against Maurice’s will, & found the two amiable gentlemen & took their photos after much fuss. Didn’t bother to stay, but found Bob & Wilkie wandering around so we took some more snaps of them. 

Decided next to go to the back of the boat to take more still so collected Maurice & wandered through. Stopped & saw Wilkie’s cabin on the way & found the Doc there, so he joined the party. Lost our way a few times, but eventually got there, took the snaps & wandered back.

To the cabin & packed. Down to dinner & the two gentlemen opposite treated us to Liebefraumilche.  Very festive. Afterwards Nora longing to get merry so treated me to a Manhattan. Maurice & Ritz found us drinking & came & wrote on our menus– everyone did.

Eventually decided to go upstairs to the ship’s concert as Jimmy was playing.

Arrived to find the place crowded Wilkie & the Doc waiting for me & then with Harlan Heath- Maurice’s friend – an ‘Honourable’ incidentally! We all sat round & drank Tom Collins & after the Concert was over danced- greatly teased with my menu & bag & everything. Maurice showed me his Year Book – awfully interesting. Waited & waited for Jimmy to appear but he didn’t for positively hours.  Ritz & Beatrice went eventually & the doctor – Wilkie asked me to walk but Maurice would’ve been left, so I didn’t. Nora went down to Wilkie’s cabin & got the remains of a bottle of Scotch, but there wasn’t much & I loathed it anyway. Jimmy finally appeared when only Nora, Bob, Maurice & I were left. The five of us decided to make a night of it, so we just sat & slept & fooled around. I tried to persuade Jimmy to play, but he only had spasms. I slept on Maurice’s shoulder & we played a silly trick with sixpences. 

Maurice’s Confession.

Saw the dawn come & the sun rising. Arriving at Cherbourg at about 6:30. At quarter to six Maurice & I danced- very nicely & we were extremely proud of ourselves. At about quarter past Mamma appeared – very mad! I was hauled to bed- but made it up before I went!

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