August 5 1939

Saturday 5th Aug 1939

Up eventually- Bibi & Peg into New York with Uncle Artie. I wrote cards – washed clothes & so on. Millie & Ford & Hugh arrived- also Bill. Got set at last & down to Jones Beach – terribly & awfully hot – the sand burning. Into the sea- very rough with a terrific undertow. I kept getting pulled away, but Margs got me to the sandbar & Bill anchored me & saved me from the big waves. In & lay about a bit, then went & had hamburgers & orangeade. After we sat about a while longer, we packed up & set out for home. I was sore & sunburned.

Found Marie & Sam had arrived. Got all spruced up & ready for the party – a buffet supper at card tables- cocktail first with angostura bitters- no like! Lovely supper – made a pig of myself. Washed up afterwards – some out shopping – us left. Older people played bridge – Ford took Peg, me, Mill, Mum & Ena over to see the fireworks. Very lovely.

Home feeling wildly excited & full of the idea of going to Chinatown, to find the others going to bed. Most damping – we retired to bed too. Bill took the men to his house – 14 women & Hugh here!

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