August 4 1939

Friday 4th August.

Up reluctantly – still hot. Had breakfast & then trailed around a bit. Eventually decided we were going to the Fair. Marga, Peg, Mum & I ready & off in the car. Parked & went into the Fair – awful hot.

To the Norwegian Pavilion first – then some others- U.S.A. & so on. Suddenly started to rain & and skipped from Holland to Italy & saw quite a few- Italy very impressive from outside- rather too propaganda inside.

Felt awfully hungry so when the rain stopped we dashed to the first restaurant – the Finnish. Had to finish cocktails first- I had a Northern Light- very good – then lunch – reindeer steak sandwich- such a frost- like stale tough corned beef! But then coffee and cookies made up for it.

After lunch we went first to the British pavilion – it was simply marvellous- whole atmosphere most impressive & dignified – lots of lovely gold & silver things- photos & models & so on- felt very proud of it and patriotic- wanted to stay there!

On & saw the French pavilion- lovely outlook & marvellous hats & perfumes etc. Margs said she must treat us to a wonderful drink- a pernod – so in we tripped to the bar and got them – yellow things with glasses of ice & water. All put together- ouch- strong liquorice – like cough mixture – terrible! Mom & I ploughed through it with awful faces – Margs & Pegs laughing at us!

Came out very giggly & got two little push carts to take us to Schaeffer’s where we found Uncle Artie, Aunt Phine, Bibi, Aunt Trix & Ena waiting for us.  They had had drinks, so we split up & some of us went to the Russian pavilion – very marvellous- propaganda of course but terribly well done- very good sculpture. On & saw some of the Japanese building & then back to Schaeffer’s for dinner.

Aunt Ettie, Aunt Moo, Mona came. Had a huge meal & then to the Lagoon of Nations to see the fountain & firework display- very lovely- music- coloured lights & water- rather heavy atmosphere & the smoke from the fireworks didn’t rise but that only made it more exciting- rather sulphurous & hellish– it was supposed to be the Garden of Eden. Then into the Belgian building & next to the Amusements in a bus.

NUncle Artie took those of us who hadn’t seen it, to see, Billy Rose’s Aquacade. The most marvellous show I’ve ever seen- Johnny Weissmuller – the fastest swimmer in the world- Eleanor Holme- Trudy [Gertrude Ederle] – the first woman to swim the Channel & the best divers in the world. As well as dancers & singers & funny men – it was glorious- girls & men swimming in patterns in the dark with phosphorescent caps on. Lovely.

Out of that, met the others & walked up to the parachute jump- Bibi & Peg – Margs & I on – the most terrible sensation. Awful suspense as you go up – hit the top all of a sudden – you leave your tummy behind & just rush through space – then suddenly bump & crash – you’re at the bottom. We were all of a jitter!

On & Peg, Bibi & I were having an orangeade when a man came up & asked us to come & have a beer with him! We were all hoity-toity! Uncle Artie then took us into a show- a girl in a block of ice- nude of course! Great excitement – a man who was rowing about & yelling for “the gals” got thrown out! We then separated, got by bus to the cars & went home – & in ours- Bibi & I sat on the floor! And to bed- some houseful!

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