August 3 1939

Thursday, 3rd August.

Up earlyish much to my disgust! Packed & across the road to a place Tracey’s for breakfast. No one else there except the chef – a lovely man who laughed & laughed – he was a Norwegian. Hauled out the coloured woman for us to see, then waved us goodbye. Got stung by a bee!

Drove on- very hot at first, but got cooler & darker & we drove through a terrific thunderstorm- great fun. Had lunch, then went on & arrived at Highland Mills at about 3. Mill & Hugh there & Ford came after.

Tea on Mil’s LawnSu

Had tea then washed up & talked. After a while started to get supper ready outside with Hugh cooking on the open fire, but a storm came & we had to have it inside – hot dogs & corn on the cob!

Cleared away after supper, then all packed into the car & away home. Arrived about 12- terribly hot in New York. Found them all just going to bed– Ena there having arrived from the W.I. that day. “Chewed the fat” to quote Monie & to bed.

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