August 2 1939

Peggy and Cyn at Niagara Falls

Wednesday 2nd August

Up fairly early – bathed, dressed, packed & away for breakfast. Afterwards found out that we couldn’t fly. All disappointed but decided to go straight on. Went by way of the Peace Bridge & Buffalo – imagine me being in Buffalo! – not a very nice town either – then on by another route. Terribly hot. Drove on & then had lunch.

Afterwards drove again & to Watkins Glen. Out of the car & walked up it- as hot as hell & climbing steps & so on. Very lovely, but rather a washout as there was hardly any water in it & the waterfalls weren’t functioning.

Trailed back & drank then drove on- left dinner till late & couldn’t get served at a place the Iron Kettle but got it eventually at Sally’s Pantry. Drove on & at last got cabins. Crawled into bed & slept- Peg & me together.

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