August 6 1939

Sunday 6th August

Mum up early & to Church with the sisters. Me up, & Peg & Bibi & Margs & had breakfast. Afterwards all got set & started off for the beach – Reeves Park. Got there & found most of the beach covered with black people. Never saw so many in all my life. Found a decent part after a while- camped & then bathed. Not so rough as yesterday, but great fun. Dressed, then Bill, Margs, Mum, Aunt Ettie & A. Moo & I set out for home, the others staying.

Just as we were starting A. Ettie discovered she had the key of the other car. Such a performance poor Bill had to find them & give the key- waiting around in the broiling sun. Set out eventually, but stopped for hot dogs and orangeade- two each – lovely! Then home & started getting ready to go to the fair. The others then came back & we said goodbye to Marie & Sam, Milly & Ford & Hugh. Hugh refused to kiss me & yelled! Bill, Margs, Mum, Peg & I off to the Fair – Bibi too at the last moment. 

Spent the afternoon looking at exhibits. First into the Perisphere- the world of the future- lovely effect of night with stars – then to the city of Light – New York thro’ day and night – the Moto man – making glass – also the city of the past, all cobbles & dim light – the city of the future-lights & plate glass.

We were by then nearly dead, Bibi & Peg with shoes hurting- so we went to dinner. Had cocktails first, me a Pink Lady, then ate spaghetti- what difficulties I had! After dinner to see “Railroads on Parade”- model trains etc. & then in a queue for General Motors – waited a while then got into the building & sat in little double seats supposed to be in an aeroplane looking down on the countryside of the future. Simply marvellously done – cute little trees & motor cars – at the end you are shown the big city of the future – then a close-up of it & finally you get out & you are in it! Very exciting.

Next we took a bus to the Amusement Area. Peg & Bibi wanted to go on the Scenic Railway, so off we tripped- looked most terrifying! Peg & Bibi, Mum & Bill went on first, Margs & I had to wait. Got on at last – and oh Lord! What a time- I was petrified – terrible feeling & I kept nearly getting shot out of my seat! Yelled my head off & finished up as white as a sheet, trembling all over & with my skirts round my waist! Once in a lifetime.

Went to the Savoy to see the Jitterbugs but it was shut, so Mum, Peg, Bibi & I went to ‘The Dream of Beauty’ a naked women show, while Bill & Margs trekked round. Quite amusing with lots of lovely girls minus clothing – Peg very shocked! Came out before the end & met Bill and Margs. They said Errol Flynn had just gone in one of the shows, so we waited & saw him come out. Quite nice – wearing dark glasses.

Thought we needed a drink next so went to a place where they danced. Very tough place, where one picks up! Saw jitterbugs tho’ much to my joy – terribly funny. Also some midgets dancing. A sailor picked up Bibi so we left & went home. All quite dead!

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