July 30 1939

Hazells at the Reunion

Sunday 30th July.

Up earlyish – had a bath & to breakfast- all very amusing. Marie & Sam there too. After breakfast one of the boys – Jack – arrived & took us over to Mill & Ford’s. Arranged things & home again. 

Ford came over with Margs & Hugh & Mum & Peg & I got in & we went a ride – very lovely. The country & mountains are glorious. So many trees everywhere & lakes too – the trees amaze me– they’re all over the place. To West Point Military Academy first- a marvellous institution – everything beautifully arranged & set out – then up to Bear Mountain Inn. 

A lovely place – all logs. Sat down for a drink & in arrived Aunt Phine & the rest. I had Planter’s Punch- very strong, made me feel quite pleased. 

Took snaps – one of the policeman. Ate doughnuts-quite different to our – all icing on! Home through Tuxedo Park – where the millionaires live! Very lovely. 

Margs, Mum, Ford & I dashed off for a bathe at the pool – lovely & warm. Rushed home & changed. Had drinks & then supper- ate a lot! All sang & played games – everyone very merry.

They went eventually & Margs, Bibi, Lois, Peg, Mona & I off to Community Pool to Bathe in the nude. Much giggling & we got in- lovely feeling- suddenly the light went on. We nearly had a fit! Pegs threw our bathing suits in, but before we had time to do anything 2 men arrived – said it was time to lock up. A great scramble to dress & so home. Awfully funny!

Peggy, Bebe, Marie Dorman, Cynthia, Sam Dorman, Millie, Ford & Hugh, Mona, Cora Pembleton
Auntie Muriel, Aunt Trixie, Aunt Phine, Uncle Arthur, Aunt Ettie, Carol Ewing, Marguerite
Taken at Uncle Artie’s place, Central Valley, NY

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