July 29 1939

Saturday 29th July.

Hugh woke me up – the sweetest little boy. Up gradually & to breakfast one at a time. Played with Hugh, then Ford took me to Central Valley in the car to Uncle Artie’s. Saw Peg again – she quite happy, & Aunt Phine & Bibi & her friend Lois. Back to Highland Mills & Uncle Artie arrived.

The whole lot of us went out to lunch to the White Cat – a nice restaurant & had lunch on the veranda. Drank mint julep!

Those present.

Home afterwards & then some of us drove into Newburg to the pictures to see Robert Donat in “Goodbye Mr. Chips”. A marvellous film – acting – setting – atmosphere & all. I cried like anything & so did the rest – even Bill!

Home & everyone to supper at Mill’s – a buffet supper & you eat a bit of everything – great fun! Afterward 3 boys came in- young- about Peg’s age- very young & dumb. Most unsophisticated & home town compared to a boy like Bobby. They went out after a while- had great talks with Ford. Over to Aunt Phine’s to sleep eventually. 

Carol standing, Cyn on swing.

One thought on “July 29 1939”

  1. I just finished getting caught up with the family voyage. So many keepsakes! Imagine that as these diary entries were written, the world was on the eve of war. Great project, Linda.


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