July 28 1939

Friday 28th July.

Hot again – got a foul cold – felt awful. Wrote letters- had lunch & then to the shops. Got cheques changed. Nothing much. Home & packed for the weekend. Monie home & had supper. Set out in the car- me & A. Ettie with Mona driving – terribly hot. Drove right through the World Fair – over a bridge – thro’ Harlem & over a ferry. Drove for ages with tons of traffic- awful holdups at places – took us ages. Up to Central Valley & Highland Mills about 11:0. The rest arrived before us in Bill’s car. Met Milly & Ford & peeped at Hugh. Ate ice cream & then the 9 of us found Places to sleep – Mum & I on camp beds in the sitting room & Monie on the couch. Very nice too.

Sisters in Central Valley

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