July 27 1939

Thursday 27th July.

Mummy & I up latish & had breakfast, then wrote letters. Just as hot as ever. Got ready after a while & Aunt Ettie, Trix, Moo, Mum & I into New York by bus & then underground – subway.  Into two Churches – one Saint Patrick’s – don’t remember the other- then as we were looking at shops it started to rain. Ran & got into a News Theater. Still raining when we got out so we dashed into Radio City. Looked round a bit & I had a strawberry ice cream soda. Yum!

Then with some other people with a guide we were taken around the Rockefeller Centre or Radio City. – through the buildings – out onto one of the Roof gardens & everywhere until at last he took us up onto the very top of the RCA building. It was raining so we couldn’t see very much. Then down & to meet Margs & we went into a restaurant for a drink – I had a Daiquiri – very amusing.

Met Mona & all crammed into a taxi & to the Taft Hotel. To the Grill Room downstairs where there was dancing as well. Nice dinner – I tried to eat clams but couldn’t manage it – they wouldn’t go down whole & I had to chew. Also had iced consommé.

When we had finished we went to the Centre Theatre to see “The American Way” with Fredrick March and Florence Eldridge. A sort of American Cavalcade, but not nearly so good. Very well staged & dressed, but I thought it missed fire somewhere. Played “The Star-Spangled Banner” in the last act but I didn’t know the tune.

Out of the theatre and walked along to see the lights of Broadway. Stopped at Sloppy Joe’s on the way & drank pineapple & coconut juice! Along & saw all the lights – lovely. Home in the subway – hot as hell. Raining again. Home at last & to bed.

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