July 26 1939

Wednesday 26th July.

Slept late, then up feeling lousy. Girls away – Aunt Trix out. Had lunch & then lay down & read- hotter than ever. Ice cream at teatime – then nothing much. Marg’s not coming in- out with Frenchman – Henri. Mona home.

Out drive in the car in the evening. Round & saw the Fair lit up & watched the fireworks. Home & Aunt Trix in. Gave out presents. To bed.

Pembleton Welcome

After adjusting to the weather, and seeing a bit of the city, the plan was for the family to move into New York State a bit north, to Central Valley where Uncle Artie lived, for the reunion on the weekend, and then for the English visitors to be taken on a road trip! The Pembletons, Millie, Ford and Hugh, lived close by in Highland Mills. Hugh was about 2 1/2 in the summer of 1939, as his baptismal photo suggests.

On the back of the photo is the date 2/28/37, and Auntie Moo has written “Hugh Pembleton in family christening robe, he was 23rd baby to wear it; George Hazell 1873 being the first.”

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