July 31 1939

Cynthia never gets included in the newspapers!

Monday 31st July.

Off to Niagara. Finally got away at about 20 past 9 after dashing round. Aunt Moo tipped Angeline five dollars by mistake – Angeline told me – thrilled to death. I told Aunt Moo- she nearly had a kitten!

Drove along for miles & miles –stopped for lunch – just tea and sandwiches – lovely ones tho’- hamburgers! On & on after lunch- glorious country- hills simply covered with trees – little rivers & lakes. Stopped after a while & had ice cream & bought fruit- gorgeous cherries & pears.

On once more & going up a hill the car suddenly passed away- out of gas! A man tried to push us, but too heavy to get up the hill, so we pushed the car round & coasted 1 1/2 miles back to the Gas Station! Great fun.

Drove on without any further mishaps & had a very nice dinner at a little place by the road. After dinner tried to get cabins and after trying 2 or 3 we got some- Two cabins- Mum, Peg & I in one – Margs & A. Moo in the other. Cute little places – but a lot of flies: undressed & so to bed having travelled about 360 miles since morning.

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