July 23 1939

Sunday 23rd July

Up very early and met Nelson at 7:30! Steward took a crowd of us round Cabin and Tourist part of the ship. Lovely cinemas & lounges & swimming pool! Back again and had my bath & to breakfast. Up on deck and walked round & round the deck with Nancy and Peggy. Then Peggy & I dashed & got into the Service just as they were closing the door. Stood at the back all the time. Short and quite nice- sang for those in peril on the sea! Back up on deck and played games until lunchtime with Nelson. Such a joke Nelson told me- when Clifford asked if I was American he thought Nelson was my Father! Afterwards he asked a friend of Nelson’s who told Nelson about it! Now we call each other Daughter and Poppa! Then to my horror- Peggy- not knowing who the young man was – told it all to Clifford – was I embarrassed! Talked to Clifford and played games in the afternoon.

Peggy, Sammy, Poppa & Me

Simply glorious night- moon & stars & warm. All felt very excited and exhilarated! Nothing to do, but after a lot of bother started playing ‘Hearts’- Peggy & I – Clifford- Nelson- Sammy-Harry & a funny American man. Sammy made us howl & we had fun. Afterwards up on deck all of us – then all to bed – Clifford & I up on Games Deck & trotted around a bit- loving couples all over- most embracing!

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