July 24 1939

Cover for July 24 Programme

Monday 24th July

Rough & choppy when we got up. Peggy not in the breakfast, but the rest of us braved it – terribly hot & stuffy. Better up on deck. Peggy came up- sat about & I played games. Violently windy. Nelson & I played shuffleboard with Peggy and Mr. Pennycook! 

Up on deck after lunch. Clifford came & played with us- & talked. Had tea on deck & I tried to pinch an old Russian man’s rug! He found me in the act & came & wrapped me up in it!

Mummy & I have got an invitation from the Captain to go & have cocktails with him! We nearly passed out! All alarmed & het up! Had to get our packing done & then get all dressed up in evening clothes. At the last minute decided I must have my Angora jacket to hide my sunburnt arms – Peggy sewing and me knitting. Got it finished with one sleeve short, but it looked quite sweet! Ready much too early and had to sit & wait & wait & wait. Eventually set out & got there quite easily. The Captain on the Bridge, & the 1st Mate – Mr. Robertson met us instead- a charming man – I got on with him awfully well! The Captain popped in & shook us by the hand- a sweet little fat man – then popped out again – it was foggy & he had to be out. Then Mr. Robertson gave us Sherry & I ate asparagus tips & caviare!!! Had a most amusing time and Mr. R paid us all sorts of compliments- also about my bolero!

Down to the dinner – all hilarious! Paper hats & balloons! Got everyone to sign my menu. Finished packing then up to the lounge for dancing. Norwegian young man danced with me – called Jacob – he wrote on my menu in Norwegian & wouldn’t tell me what it was- very tormenting! Danced all evening with him & some others. An American girl pinched Clifford! Eventually found out what Jacob had written from his friend Nielsen “I have longed to flirt with you for three days”! He certainly made up for lost time! But he’s very nice & very amusing. Talked after band had gone, then Mummy & Peggy to bed & I stayed up & talked to Jacob in the lounge. Sammy came in very attached to a blonde. Wandered round & to bed eventually after experiencing a little of the Norwegian technique! He is rather a pet though.

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