July 22 1939


Saturday 22nd July

Gorgeous hot day. Spent all morning playing deck games with Nelson & other people. In the afternoon wasted time in the Cinema with landing cards & passports. No- that was yesterday – must’ve spent the afternoon playing games I suppose. Got all sunburnt and sore. Got rougher towards the end of the day. After dinner Peggy rather alarmed – Gup told us stories to take her mind off it. Sammy there too. Talked to an American girl Nancy- her Mother and Father – Father Chinese I think.

Peggy & Nancy away to bed – Sammy vanished. I talked to Nancy’s mother. Danced a little with various people – Mr. Pennycook, nice young Scotsman with a very pretty wife. Nelson took Mummy & I down to the bar for a drink. His room mate & young woman there too – quite amusing. Up to lounge again & spent to rest of the evening dancing with a young man called Clifford Lamington- English and an architect – rather nice. Asked if I was American and said I had a twang! Huh!

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