July 21 1939

Friday 21st July.

Nice bright day & the sea much calmer- Peggy up & feeling quite all right.  Talked to an amusing American man called Gup! Had a rash bet with him over the nationality of a girl– I bet him anything she wasn’t English- she was! He threatens to collect. Played deck games. John with another new girlfriend! This time an American girl who has lived nearly all her life in Bruges- Rosemary! Played games in the afternoon. Talked to Herbert & Harry.

Cyn and Carol on deck.

At night thought we might try the flics again with Harry & Nelson, but the same result – hot and I couldn’t see so we came out.  A Belgian singsong going on in the lounge – awful- so Nelson, Herbert, Peggy & I retired to the Smoke room and Herbert taught us a game called Hearts. Very funny – especially as he lost! Afterwards Herbert and I went on deck – pitch dark and wildly windy. I had no coat & my skirt was continually over my head! Had a very serious talk- Sammy meanwhile holding my arm most gingerly! Back & found Nelson & Peggy had been gatecrashing 1st class & had seen the Swimming Pool and all!

The Lounge

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