July 20 1939

Dining Saloon

Thursday 20th July.

Up & had our baths. Rather a dull day and the ship heaving around a bit. Quite a few people missing at breakfast, and some retired- Harry among them. Up a deck afterwards and violently blown about. Down to the Cinema to see Bing Crosby in “East Side of Heaven”- we had to stand at the back- two colossal fat women came & stood in front of us & it was terribly hot so we decided to go before the picture even started. Peggy not feeling too good so rushed up a deck, but she was sick. Mummy took her downstairs & John & I wandered about and wondered if we were feeling ill or not! Up on the Sports Deck & talked. After lunch up to Sports Deck again. Peggy was up feeling wobbly but we learned how to play shuffleboard and had a few games. Peggy sick again so I took her down. We sat in our cabin until dinner time then Peggy went to bed. After dinner there was dancing in the lounge- danced with red-haired man called Herbert Samuel- also John, but eventually he deserted me & danced with another young woman! Read, and then a big man I had smiled at before came and asked me to go for a drink. Down we went & found the bar was closed!! He is nice though- big & red-haired & called Nelson Crowder- a Canadian from Toronto.

For passengers not seasick!

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