July 19 1939

Scrapbook Title Page

Wednesday 19th July.

Up early & feeling oh, how sick! Breakfast & Poppa nearly made us late according to his custom. Such a rush getting tickets & onto the train. Found Peggy with Auntie Mil & Jean & Brenda. Hardly recognized Jean. Found seats eventually & said goodbyes & started.

One American lady in the carriage. Quite matey. Eventually too matey and gave us a long lecture on Russia! Arrived at Southampton about 10- quite a short journey. A few formalities & onto the ship- all very bewildering- luggage all over the place everyone lost- & officials dashing around. Found our cabin eventually & in it a marvellous big box of pink roses from Rowly waiting for me- the darling! We then found Peggy’s cabin- 4 berth- ours is a two berth on the outside. None of them very big though, but nicely fitted. Our luggage wasn’t in the cabin but it appeared after a while- much to our relief.

It was still quite early & the ship wasn’t sailing until 12:0- so we booked our places in the dining saloon- 2nd setting and then explored the ship- all the decks- I even tried to go on the bridge but they wouldn’t let me!- we saw a little of the cabin and tourist class but not much. Finally when the boat sailed we went up on the sports deck right at the top & waved goodbye to all the people. We then unpacked a bit & at last lunch- we were so hungrey! Ate a huge lunch & then went to the lounge & wrote cards and letters all afternoon & then had tea there. Just as we finished we arrived at Cherbourg, so we dashed up on deck and watched her coming up to the side & all the people coming on. It was lovely & sunny, but windy. We sat on the stairs & watched the sailors & people & made catty remarks. Peggy is fun. I like her. We got tired of this after a while & went & unpacked & then down to dinner. We are at a table for 6- us 3- 2 girls quiet and mousey & a most exotic American wench- all Joan Crawford- who didn’t deign to speak to us. At lunch a young man- Harry Pemberton- was in her place but he moved to another table with his pals. After dinner we went up on deck- very windy- talked to Harry P. and his friend John Tyler. Down to the lounge & listened to a band- American swing- lousy! Nothing much & at last to bed.

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