June 30 1929

June 30th 1929

Dearest Daddy and Mummy,

Thanks ever so much for your letters. I’ll begin by answering yours, Mummy. You are lucky getting a holiday for a whole week. I wish we were next week instead of exams! I am glad you like my Hurricane essay! Miss McMurtrie (our English mistress) has just asked for another of my essays, a conversation between a Rabbit and a Squirrel and I think perhaps she has sent it to Miss Ellett for original work & perhaps I’ll be able to write it in the special Book Miss Ellett keeps, I hope so because it’s just for very special work and it would be a great honour. Forgot to go and ask Miss E for a Sports invitation for May and I ‘spect she’ll be wild but I’ll ask on Monday.

I do hope Kath writes, poor old thing, fancy getting whooping cough, is it decided about where they’re going yet?

We wore our tussores at the Gala but only our gym’s at Luke’s Fete.

It’s been awful & dull this week & it seems as if it has dragged away as slowly as possible.

I do wish I’d seen Louie and Daddy squabbling I suppose you were heartily sick of her when she went, Daddy!

I’m so glad you go to see Ernest every day Daddy, I’m longing to see him and when I come home I must go and see him too. Only 26 more days. Oooo! I’m glad he liked to hear my doing this, I haven’t done much this week though as I have been trying to work up for the exams. We have Geography and French on Monday! Oh! I am going to try and get honours in Geometry specially Daddy.

Poor Ms. Bourne, she will have been awfully worried but I’m glad Mummy is taking her out. You will have a nice friend now Mum. Ernest will have a nice time with you Daddy, & by the way I’ve been trying to keep my nails decent and I hope they’ll be better when I come hope. I hope Ernest will like my Stamp Album, did you take Uncle Bills as well, his is the best.

Please give Auntie and Uncle Mac my love and tell them that I wish I had been at home to say good-bye to them. (I hope Auntie Mac won’t catch cold!)

I do wish I could have seen little Dorothy but I’ll see her in the hols. won’t I? She seems to be an awfully nice little girl and she must be awfully clever to look after her little brother and sisters so well.

Oh Daddy! You are so kind and good to these people, I do wish I could be like you because you’ve been doing all sorts of nice kind things since I’ve been away. But when I come home I will go and see Ernest and see little Dorothy and be nice too!

Do tell Ernest that I’m going to be a Girl Guide next term, p’rhaps in the hols. he’ll be able to teach me knots and some Morse code. It would be lovely if we could do Guidey & Scouty things together! I’d love to go to camp, it’s a great ambition of mine also to make fires and cook stews and things, and track people about and do all sorts of funny things.

How’s Dot’s Guiding getting on do you know? Has she passed her second class?

Daddy, do you think that the Sat. after I get home that Dot & Nan & Marjorie and us could all meet somewhere and go to the Ex. together it would be lovely if we could. Do you think you could ask them? I’m getting quite excited at the thought of it!

Jenny’s Daddy and Mummy are coming this afternoon and taking Jenny out and she has asked Mrs. P. if Pally and I can go with her and she said yes so we are going out. Miss E. has suddenly said that no boarders can go away any week ends to friends, they can go home but no where else. Isn’t it rotten? Masha was going to ask me to her home & now she can’t!

We went to Luke’s Fete on Friday evening. It was an awful dud show! There was a vegetable stall & a few sweets & some hankies, an ice cream place, a “Mysterious Lady” a thing where you roll little tanks about a hoop la and a thing where you throw rings on money.

Pally and I went about together & we went into the lady, she was a fortune teller & I had my fortune told for the first time. She said that I made friends very easily especially with the other sex (I laughed here) but this would show most when I’m 18 I am to have 2 love affairs when I’m 19 and 21. I’m to take care of my health when I 25. She said that I was clever at school only I sometimes couldn’t be bothered and let things slide (I blushed) & that about two years hence, I was to pass a big exam with high honours (hope it’s the School Certif) and I was to have a very clever son who would be my first child. I hope the nice part comes true. I’ve made a good resolution that the next time I have my fortune told that she’ll say I am a good hard worker!

I won a sweet little crocodile at the hoop la, he’s sweet, he’s called Kas it was funny cause, I was the last of 4 of us who wanted him & I got him with my last hoop! His mouth is wide open laughing and his top jaw wobbles and makes him seem to laugh.

I must stop now so heaps & heaps of love & kisses from 


P.S. Thanks awfully for the paper Dad.

P.P.S. Your stamp wasn’t a great success was it?!! 

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